How is it possible for us, such persons as we are, who have been separated once for all from the sinful nature, any longer to live in its grip?  Roman 6:2 Kenneth Wuest Translation

As a born again believer, do you realize you have been given an entirely new life and nature?  You have been given the very life and shalom of Jesus Himself.  You have not been given a lesser life but the exact same life and shalom that The Father and Jesus  have.   Because of you dying with Jesus and having been raised with Him, worry, fear, sin, sickness, disease, poverty, lack are things that are no longer yours because Jesus bore each and every single one of those things and more for  you in His own Body on the Cross.  And since the Bible says that The Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world, that means He did this before the world or time ever began.  This means that He took away things that were “never mine” in the first place.

You never were suppose to be sick. You never were suppose to be broke.  You never were suppose to be in fear.  You never were suppose to even know about evil.  You never were ever suppose to grow old, get weak and die.  These things were never in The Father’s plan for anyone.  They came as a result of sin and the sinful nature.

For the One Who died once for all stands in the position of a permanent relationship of freedom from the sinful nature. Romans 6:7 Kenneth Wuest Translation

I once heard Brother Copeland say this.  He said “Jesus wasn’t free because He didn’t sin.  Jesus didn’t sin because He was free.”  Until Jesus took our sin upon Himself, He was in the position of a permanent relationship of freedom from the sinful nature.  So not only was He not sick.  He could not become sick!!!  Why? Because sickness only came thru sin.  He was and is today completely free from sin and so are you.  Don’t take my word for it take The Word for it!!!.

Thus, also, as for you, you be constantly counting upon the fact that, on the one hand, you are those who have been separated from the sinful nature, and, on the other, that you are living ones with respect to God in Christ Jesus. Romans 6:11 Kenneth Wuest Translation

You have been separated and circumcised from the sinful nature and it has no authority over you.  You may ask, “Well if that’s true then how did Jesus die.  Think about this.  They beat Jesus and whipped Him until His whole back was one STRIPE with no skin on it. That did not kill Him.  They pressed thorns on His head.  That did not kill Him. They hung Him on the Cross, that did not kill Him. How did he die then.  The scripture says He became ‘obedient’ unto death. In other words He said  “Okay death!” and yielded up His Spirit to His Father and died.  They could not kill him.  You are going to have to take sometime and study this out but any area of the sinful nature that tries to affect your life, it cannot stay unless you say “okay’. It does not have the legal right and it knows it but the key is DO YOU KNOW IT?  The Truth does not make you free.  It’s the TRUTH that you know, that makes you free.  You are free from the sinful nature in all of its ways, shapes and forms.  That nature contains things that were NEVER MINE and I don’t receive any of it.   Read this poem and I pray the Lord gives you even greater understanding.


By Vincent H. Ivory

Poppa because of what You’ve done

You burned me up inside Your Son

Now righteousness now can’t be undone

Eternal salvation and a life of fun

“Fun you say?” Yes fun indeed

Poppa lets me drive at His Speed

He removed death’s reign and gave Him/Me the lead

He let me ride upon His steed

Why is it fun? Because there’s no end

Except the sanctimonious end of sin

And hasatan and all his kin

He should have known he’d never win

But stupid is as stupid does

You can’t destroy I AM, I IS, I WAS

Let all the angels declare the buzz

His Grace abounds and all because…..

The One whose full of Grace and Truth

The One so many think is so uncouth.

The One with more hits than Babe Ruth

The One Who gives unending youth

The One Who created and controls all time.

The One Who when known is so sublime

The One Who was punished but did no crime

Who took away things that were never mine

What things are these? The fear of death

The uncertainty of my last breath

Who gave me  ALL when I had nothing left

The One who hid Moses within the cleft

The One Who grafted us in as a limb

When others saw trash He saw a gem

The One Who saw us bright when we were oh so dim

The One Who made us just like Him!!!

Thank you Poppa!!

All the blessed to you!!! Shalom!




Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.  Proverbs 13:12 New Living Translation

Have you ever thought about how things would be so different if Adam had eaten from the Tree of Life instead of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?  Think about this:

  • No one would ever die.
  • No sickness or disease would exist.
  • No lack in any area.
  • True peace and harmony between all people and all things.

People talk about this all the time and make stories and movies about it. Unfortunately, in this perverted world and because Adam did eat from the wrong tree, that will never happen until Jesus comes and governs the Earth.  But lets talk about right here and right now. Did you know that  you can BE a tree of life?

Take a look at these scriptures.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12 New Living Translation

This verse tells us when hope, which Bible hope is a confident and consistent expectation of good is deferred it can make the heart sick.  But when your God-given dream or desire is fulfilled, it is and becomes a tree of life not just to the dreamer but to others.  I look at ministers like Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, Joseph Prince.  These people are trees of life.  By fulfilling their God-given purpose they have become a tree of life because they are spreading the Gospel of Jesus and shining light on Jesus by preaching and teaching the Word of God who is Jesus.  Look at this next verse.

The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and the one who is wise saves lives. Proverbs 11:30 NIV

If you are born again you ARE righteous!!! Just as righteous as the ministers I mentioned above and Jesus has ordained you to bear fruit just like they are bearing fruit. By sharing your life and the light of Jesus thru your gift be it writing or working with children or being an astronaut, fruit comes from these seemingly natural things.  It’s a lot like Jesus.  When Jesus was here he looked like a man, but He was so much more.  He was and is THE TREE OF LIFE and as He is so are we in this world. The words and attitudes of grace we share and display are fruit for your family and your co-workers and others to partake of so that they can taste The Father’s goodness thru Jesus.

The soothing tongue is a tree of life, but a perverse tongue crushes the spirit. Proverbs 15:4 NIV

The New Testament admonishes us to let our speech always be seasoned with GRACE, undeserved, unmerited favor towards all people. When we do this it provides healing to others and they don’t forget it.  We don’t want to crush our family members spirits or other people’s. Words are powerful. More powerful than a nuclear bomb and twice as destructive.  Words start wars, murders and all types of conflict but faith words nourish and comfort.  So determine to be a tree of life just like Jesus. That is what he purposed for you to do.  Don’t be afraid to move out on that God-given dream because it will be a tree of life to you and to others. Shalom!!!

All the “blessed” to you! Shalom!!!


For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace. Romans 6:14 King James Version

Have you ever heard the term, “they think they’re above the law”?   In the natural it means people who think they don’t have to conform to the law of land and they commit crimes.  In the natural this is looked upon as a bad thing, but in the spirit and for believers it’s a good thing.  Now I am not talking about breaking laws of government. The Word of God tells us to obey every ordinance of man.  No I’m talking about the Mosaic Law, the Ten Commandments and the other hundreds of laws that for a good part of the first four thousand years of man’s existence men have tried to keep and could not.  Churches and thousands of preachers have tried for thousands of year to get people to live right by preaching and teaching the law.  Others threaten with it. If you don’t do this then God wont do this and if you do do this then God will do this.  Thank God for deliverance!

I’m telling you that law life will kill you!!! I don’t make negative confessions. What I just told you is DA TRUTH.  If you don’t believe me take a look at what God’s Word says about the law and the ten commandments.

But if the ministration of death, written and engraven in stones, was glorious, so that the children of Israel could not stedfastly behold the face of Moses for the glory of his countenance; which glory was to be done away: 2 Corinthians 3:7 King James Version

The Word of God calls the ten commandments the ministration of death.  Do you know what ministration means?  It means something or someone that ministers death. And that’s exactly what the law does, it ministers death to those who cannot keep it.  And guess what, that is everyone of us except Jesus.  Even Paul corrected ministers and other believers in his time that tried to put the yoke of the law and circumcision on newly converted Gentile believers.

So why are you now challenging God by burdening the Gentile believers with a yoke that neither we nor our ancestors were able to bear? Acts 15:10 New Living Translation

Do you see what Paul said?  He said why are you burdening the Gentile believers with a yoke that neither we nor our ancestors were able to bear?  The law is not designed to be obeyed by us because God already knew we couldn’t.  It was designed to bring us to the end of ourselves and so we could say I can’t do it and I have to yield myself to the only One who can and did obey and fulfill the law and that was JESUS!!  Let’s look at this fulfillment in the Word.

Christ is the fulfillment of Moses’ Teachings so that everyone who has faith may receive God’s approval. Romans 10:4 Gods Word Translation

For Christ has already accomplished the purpose for which the law was given. As a result, all who believe in him are made right with God. Romans 10:4 New Living Translation

So we see here that Christ is the fulfillment of the law and the fulfillment of the purpose that the law was given.  The law was given so that men could see that they could not fulfill the law and turn to Christ.  Since Christ has fulfilled thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, etc… then people no longer go to hell for killing or stealing.  WHAT???  I said, since Christ has fulfilled the law, not just the 10 commandments  but all the other 600 or 700 laws that you did not know and were not bothering to keep anyway then people no longer go to hell for breaking God’s laws.  So how do people go to hell today?  The only reason a person goes to hell today is for rejecting and denying Jesus. That IS the only reason.  You’ll be happy to know that the Father in all His great Love and Mercy has reduced all that law down to one thing or one Person: JESUS.  Accept Jesus and you are SAVED!!  It sounds easy on our end but for Big Poppa it was not easy at all.  God the Father went through a process as a Father and a parent that most of us would not even consider.  He gave up His One and only Son so that the price could be paid for every single sin that every person ever born would ever commit.  His Son was beat, and died to provide a way so that no human being had to live under the law of eternal sin and death.

For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death. Romans 8:2 King James Version  

Because of what Jesus did every person now has the opportunity to be completely and totally free from the law of sin and death.  If you accept Jesus, sin (and please know sin here is a noun a person, place  or thing) no longer has ANY dominion over you in any way, in any shape or in any form.  Why?   Lets go back to our opening text.

For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace. Romans 6:14 King James Version

So sin does not have ANY dominion over you because YOU ARE NOT UNDER THE LAW, but under GRACE!!  So if you are not under the law then you are ABOVE THE LAW, but UNDER GRACE.  You are above the law!  Because of what Christ did by fulfilling the law and the purpose of the law, sin and death have no dominion over you in the form of sickness, disease, debt, lack or any other thing not ordained by God.  That word under in Romans 6:14 means “under authority” of someone working directly as a subordinate (under someone/something else). So you are not under the authority of the law working directly as a subordinate for the law.  You are above the law!! You are under the authority of GRACE working directly by your own will as a subordinate for GRACE:JESUS!!!!

All the “blessed” to you!!! Shalom!


Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.  Proverbs 3:5 King James Version

TRUST! It is the foundation of all genuine relationships.  So your relationship with God the Father, The Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit would be no different.  The above scripture admonishes us to trust in the Lord with all our hearts.  In order to trust someone you have to get to know them.  You have to spend time with them.  Alone time with just you and that person.  This is what happens when we spend time in The Word and prayer  When you read The Word, you find out that The Father is really trustworthy.  The word trust  is the Hebrew word batach.  It has the indication of boldness, rest, to lie extended on the ground.  It is a reliance upon The Father. He has no plans of letting you go or go down.  When you see how God was faithful in repeated situations in The Word, it encourages your heart and mind because you know he cannot change.  So do yourself a favor, take minute to Thank God the Father and to confess, Father, I trust You! .  You’ll find it pays great benefits when you do!

All the blessed to you! Shalom!!!


Praise the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! Through Christ, God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing that heaven has to offer. Ephesians 1:3 God’s Word Translation

When you think of “spiritual blessings” do you think of a car, a home, a favor for your child to get into a certain school?  Probably not.  Why?  Because more than likely you have been taught that spiritual blessing are SPIRITUAL.  They are immaterial and exist only in the ether or you will get those when you get to Heaven.  Well I have some Good News for you.  Spiritual blessings can be material and ARE material.  It’s amazing what you can learn and how much revelation you can get simply from defining words because everything is made up of or out of WORDS!!  So lets define that word ‘spiritual’ there in the that scripture.  That word spiritual is the greek word pneumatikos.  Pnematikos means spiritual or that which emanates from the Spirit.  So lets find out what emanates from the Spirit.  Do you remember in Genesis when God said Let there be light!?  Of course you do.  But did you realize that nothing happened until the Spirit moved at God’s Word?

So Light emanated from the Spirit.  The world you see, the very air you breath, emanated from the Spirit.  Would you say that having oxygen to breathe is a good thing a blessing? I do, because without it our bodies would die.  But that oxygen emanates from the Spirit as does the trees and the firmament that surrounds the Earth.  The Word says every good and perfect gift descends down from the Father of Lights.  The Word of God is Spirit or spiritual.  When it is spoken in faith it causes things to manifest in the natural realm.  So you see these spiritual blessings are very real and can be seen. They are all around us.  You are a spiritual blessing.  You are born again therefore you have come from and emanate from God’s own Spirit.  You are called to be a blessing to the Kingdom, your family and other people.

People are the main way God the Father has blessed us with every spiritual blessing.  Every person is a spirit.  There are people who are not even born again and have created great inventions that make life easier for us each day.  That is a spiritual blessing because it is a blessing that emanates from the Spirit.  Now I want you to look at this translation of that same scripture.

May the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ be eulogized, the One who conferred benefactions upon us in the sphere of every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ. Ephesians 1:3 Kenneth Wuest Translation

This scripture says Poppa God, has conferred or bestowed upon us benefactions or benefits in the sphere or in the form of every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ.  These blessings such as air and food were all conceived in Heaven but they have been given on Earth for our benefit.  The Father has no problem with you living like you are already in Heaven and this applies to your health, prosperity and other areas even relationships. Now you probably can’t get those gold streets just yet but you need to come as close as possible in every area of your life because you are an ambassador and Poppa has provided for you to receive from Heaven and live here in your embassy with the same quality of life as you would in Heaven.  You may have to chew on that awhile because it is a spiritual steak but if you keep chewing you will get it.

When the United States ambassador goes to an impoverished country he or she does not live like the other people in the country lives.  They live as if they were in the USA.  They have access to the same food and quality of life and material as if they were back in the U.S..  The rest of the country may go without but the embassy is fully stocked, furnished and staffed to meet  all the ambassadors needs.  Why? Because they are there on assignment.  They are not there in their own name or power or provisions. They are there with all the wealth and backing of the United States Government.  Think about that!! You are a citizen of Heaven here on assignment for the Kingdom of God.  You don’t have to be subjected to Earthly living just because you are here on Earth.  The Word of God declares:

But we are citizens of heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ lives. And we are eagerly waiting for him to return as our Savior. Phillipians 3:20 New Living Translation

So you can live right here on Earth with the same means, blessings and benefits as you would if you were “at home” in Heaven.  “Well Brother Vincent I have never heard or seen anyone living like that!” You have not seen your brain but you believe you have one!!!!  Heaven belongs to you NOW!!!  The health of Heaven, the wealth of Heaven and all of it’s other benefits are yours NOW because of the finished work of Jesus Christ!!   So based on that I translated every word of Ephesians 1:3 and I have my own translation with the help of the Holy Ghost.  Did you know the Holy Ghost is still giving inspired words.  I didn’t say it was scripture but I said inspired words especially ones grounded and rooted in scripture. I would like to share it with you and it is a great confession.

“Blessed be Poppa the Father of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and Us, Who hath conferred only what is beneficial and right on us in Christ with every property and characteristic belonging to and emanating from the Divine Spirit to endow us with and bestow and grant us the same blessings, benefits and standard of living that are fitting according to Heaven’s standards and standpoint for the Son of God and sons of God and citizens of Heaven. Amen!!! Ephesians 1:3 (Vincent H Ivory Translation)”

I tell you what, if that does not bless you it blesses me and I believe it pleases the Father!!!  And I believe it and I am coming into agreement with it to receive the same blessings, benefit and standard of living that is fitting according to Heavens standard and standpoint for the Son of God and sons of God and citizens of Heaven.  Amen! Amen! and Amen!!!

All the ‘blessed’ to you!!! Shalom!


Jehovah is my Shepherd, I do not lack Psalms 23:1 Youngs Literal Translation

The Lord is My Shepherd I do not want or lack.  A very familiar scripture…. or is it?   This ‘familiar’ scripture says as a result of the Lord being My Shepherd, I do not lack.  A Good Shepherd leads, guides and feeds.  It is not that the sheep goes around with a backpack on its back full of all the stuff that it has accumulated and stored up trying to feed itself.  The sheep simply trust and follow the Good Shepherd and they are brought into their daily and abundant provisions.  They are brought into green pastures.  They are led besides still and peaceful waters.  And as a result of the right or righteous paths that the Good Shepherd leads them in, their soul is at rest or is restored to rest after being under the guidance previously of a not so good shepherd.

The true focus of Psalms 23 is the Good Shepherd and as a result of the Good Shepherd the sheep lack nothing because the Good Shepherd provides them with EVERYTHING HE HIMSELF HAS which includes HIMSELF.  This is a picture of God the Father giving to us ALL THINGS including HIMSELF in the form of JESUS.  The Bible says Christ has become for us wisdom from God.

It is because of God that you are in union with the Messiah Jesus, Who for us has become wisdom from God, as well as our righteousness, sanctification, and redemption.  I Corinthians 1:30 International Standard Version

So since this is true because The Word is truth, you do not ever lack wisdom or righteousness or sanctification or redemption because Christ HIMSELF is all these things for you and ALL THINGS to you.  If you need protection He is your Protector and protection.  If you need healing He is your Healer and healing.  If you need provision He is your Provider and ever increasing supply.  You need not fear.  Jesus in The Bible constantly admonishes believers and sinners to FEAR NOT!!!!  Why?  Because no expense has been spared to secure your salvation which means your deliverance, prosperity, health and safety soundness.

He Who did not spare His own Son but gave Him up for us all, how will He not also with Him graciously give us all things?  Romans 8:32 English Standard Version

So you see the true focus is not that you do not lack things but that because you HAVE (hold, possess) Him you lack absolutely nothing because The Father with Jesus HAS in Grace given you ALL THINGS WITH HIM (JESUS)!!!  When you trust Him as your Shepherd, all things will manifest with Him and you do not lack!!!
All the ‘blessed’ to you!!! Shalom!


Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,  Ephesians 3:20 KJV

Your imagination is AWESOME!!! You can dream up places and things that no one else can.  You can create worlds that do not exist that are beautiful.  You can dream up the life that you always desired.  Then you can ask the Father to give you that life or those desires.  Poppa is awesome and He is able to do or go beyond what you ask or think.  But you need to be asking for something and you need to be thinking about something or imagining.  Think about the movie Star Wars.  All those planets all those places, all those people are creations that came out of the mind and concepts of George Lucas.  He created Star Wars and then used his faith and belief to share what he dreamed with the world and as a result millions of people have enjoyed that creation.  It sounds like God the Father and it is.  Man is made in God’s image and the ability to create and dream and imagine and bring it to pass is a power and ability given by God the Father.  Look at what the Father said about man in Genesis.  Take special note that this was after Adam and Eve sinned.

And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.  Genesis 11:6 KJV

The Lord Himself said that nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do.  This is fallen man.  This is fallen creation.  YOU ARE REDEEMED!!!  The Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit live on the inside of you.  All of Heaven and its resources are at your disposal to fulfill your God given purpose so you are able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all you ask or think according to His power that works in you.  THINK ABOUT THAT!!!  Meditate that, believe that and pursue.   Jesus did not come so that you can barely survive then go to Heaven.  No, He came that you might have LIFE, the same successful, abundant, prosperous life that He has and had when He was here on the Earth.  Never sick, never broke, never worried, never defeated.  He gave His Life FOR YOU and TO YOU!!!  Receive it today and everyday by receiving the abundance of GRACE and the gift of RIGHTEOUSNESS and you will reign in LIFE!!!!

All the “blessed” to you!!! Shalom


Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:  Psalms 103:2 KJV

Benefits! Benefits! Benefits!  We have talked about many  and I pray and hope that you have been stirred to active and decisive recollection of ALL of His benefits.  You may say, “I don’t know ALL of His benefits.”   The truth is, I don’t think any of us do and I believe that we will be learning of the fullness of them way after we have come to be physically with the Lord.  But we can avail ourselves to the Word and prayer which is simply spending time with The Word and learning by way of The Great Holy Spirit, our teacher. It is His designated job, appointment and purpose to lead and guide us into ALL TRUTH.

As we wrap up this particular series I want to make you aware of another multifaceted benefit of the Lord.  It is the benefit of SHALOM.  Shalom is a Hebrew word and it is translated to English as simply peace.  I encourage you to be mindful that shalom is so much more than peace as peace is only one ingredient of the blessed cake of shalom.  Shalom in all of its fullness means completeness, wholeness, health, peace, welfare, safety soundness, tranquility, prosperity, perfectness, fullness, rest, harmony, the absence of agitation or discord.  If you really take the time to think about it if you have righteousness and shalom you can live a full, prosperous and blessed life and not need anything else beside your personal communion with The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirt.  This shalom was actually given to us by Jesus Himself.

What I am leaving with you is shalom — I am giving you My shalom. I don’t give the way the world gives. Don’t let yourselves be upset or frightened.  John 14:27 Complete Jewish Bible

So we see from the Word of God that Jesus has given to us His very own Shalom. The vey same completeness, wholeness, health, peace, welfare, safety soundness, tranquility, prosperity, perfectness, fullness, rest, harmony, the absence of agitation or discord that He Himself had while He was here on the Earth and that He has now seated on the throne in Heaven WE HAVE THAT SHALOM!!!  You must meditate the power of that benefit already given to us by Jesus.  Now someone may say, “Well Jesus was only talking to the disciples not me.  If you are born again, you are a disciple.  Jesus left many gifts for us and He made this very clear in His prayer to our Father right before He was about to be taken to be crucified.

20“My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in Me through their message,21that all of them may be One, Father, just as You are in Me and I am in You. May they also be in Us so that the world may believe that You have sent Me. 22I have given them the glory that You gave Me, that they may be One as We are One— 23I in them and You in Me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that You sent Me and have loved them even as You have loved Me.  John 17: 20-23 NIV

This scripture proves that Jesus was not just concerned about the disciples but for us who would by the Word of God believe on Him.  He also points out and gives to us another benefit – GLORY!  The same glory the Father gave to Him He turned around and gave to us SO that we can be ONE with Him and one another.  Glory is weight, excellence, preminence, splendor.  Paul also prayed about us having shalom.

Now may the Lord of shalom himself give you (His) shalom always in all ways. The Lord be with all of you.  2 Thessalonians 3:16 Complete Jewish Bible

Jesus has already answered this prayer of Paul’s in John 14:27  long before Paul prayed it.  This fulfills The Word of God spoken in this scripture.

I will answer them before they even call to me. While they are still talking about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers!  Isaiah 65:24  New Living Translation

The Father has already blessed us with every spiritual blessing and benefit.  Be sure to believe and receive and to not forget ALL of His benefits.

All the ‘blessed’ to you! Shalom!!!


Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:  Psalms 103:2 KJV

There are so many benefits that God the Father has provided for the believer thru Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour and Friend.   That’s right Friend!!! Whether you know it or not or realize it or not Poppa is not just your Father but your Friend.  It’s a great thing to have a good relationship with your earthly father and if that relationship stays intact and matures one day you will be able to not only call your father, father but also friend.   The same thing applies and even more to our Heavenly Daddy.   However this closeness comes purely out of the knowledge of God and Jesus Christ and relationship.

And so the Scripture was fulfilled that says, “Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.” And so he was called God’s friend.  James 2:23 International Standard Version

To be called the friend of God is a high calling.  You are called a son of God as well and both of these are BENEFITS. I want you to take a moment and think about all the things you do with close friends.  All the private, trusting conversations. All the admissions of faults with out concern of judgement.  Think about all the laughter and  sharing  and caring.  That is how your relationship is to be with God the Father, The Lord Jesus and The precious Holy Spirit.  They are all precious and are all One. Jesus calls us friend.

“No longer do I call you servants, because a servant does not know what his master does, but I have called you my friends, because all that I have heard from my Father, I have taught you.” John 15:15 Aramaic Bible in Plain English

Jesus calls us His friends and He tells us what He has done and is doing.  The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit should be at the top of our list of friends.  Many times you may come to your human friend and tell them of a problem you may have be it health or financial or otherwise. And in many cases the friend cannot help. But Jesus can and has already. This is great!!  Look at another great benefit provided to us.

Blessed is The God and The Father of our Lord Yeshua The Messiah, he who has blessed us with all the spiritual blessings in Heaven in The Messiah.  Ephesians 1:3 Aramaic Bible in Plain English

Don’t let the word spiritual in that scripture throw you off.   It does not mean intangible blessing. It means ‘every blessing emanating from the Spirit.”  Do you realize that your body emanated from the Spirit.  The very air we breathe emanates from the Spirit. Everything  good we see emanates from the Spirit.  These are blessings and benefits from God the Father.  See Poppa as your personal best friend. See Jesus as your personal best friend. See the Holy Spirit as your personal best friend.  When you do even more benefits will come to light in your heart and mind.

All the ‘blessed’ to you! Shalom!!!


Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:  Psalms 103:2 KJV

Yesterday we talked about the various benefits that the believer has as a result of the finished work of Christ.  We also talked about the Lord’s instruction to us to make sure we don’t forget those benefits.  We ended with a very powerful scripture from the book of  Romans.

He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all–how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? Romans 8:32 New International Version

In this verse it seems as if a question is being asked and it is but the answer is also being given with the question. If you are a believer, you have been given and received Jesus and with Him, you have received all things.  All things is just what it says all things.  Lets call to mind this scripture as well.

God has put all things under the authority of Christ and has made Him head over all things for the benefit of the church.  Ephesians 1:22 New Living Translation

Jesus has been made Head over all things for the benefit of the Church. You are a member of the Body of Christ so that means YOU.  So you have two scriptures confirming a major purpose of Jesus life, death burial and resurrection: thru these Jesus secured all things to give Himself and them to us.  Always remember this. Jesus did not just give His Life for you, He gave His Life to you!  You have to sincerely think about this and use your Holy Ghost imagination to understand the full meaning of this statement. All of His Life, His Health, His Strength, His Authority, and even the glory that He received from the Father Jesus turned around and gave even that glory to us.  As I say so often, don’t take my word for it, take The Word for it.

The glory which You have given Me I have given to them, that they may be one, just as We are one; John 17:22 New American Standard Bible

So many times in churches you hear from the pulpit, “God gets all the glory, we get none! God will not give His glory to another!!!”  But this scripture tells a different story and its told directly from the mouth of our Lord Jesus Christ. So the glory even is a benefit as is Him making us the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. As a matter of truth righteousness is an means to an end, a progression of sorts. Read the progression that took place in God the Father knowing us when is another benefit to be known of by the Father.

For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters. 30And those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified.  Romans 8:29-30 New International Version.

So we have a second scripture confirming our glorification by God the Father Himself.  These are all benefits and they are worth meditating studying and knowing.  When  you do the enemies avenues to put doubt in your mind become less and less and your confidence and assurance in Christ becomes stronger and stronger.

All the ‘blessed’ to you! Shalom!!!