And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one: I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me. John 17:22-23 KJV

I am sure that you have heard many a minster teach that, “God gets all the glory and you get none!!!”  Well Jesus said you do get glory!!! So I would say that one of them either the preacher or Jesus is wrong and I am willing to wager it’s not Jesus.   If you pay close attention to this verse, it actually tells you that you cannot be One with Jesus unless you have glory just like He does.   Difficult to believe but true as it’s right there in The Word.  But that is not our subject today.  Let’s focus on the last part of the verses above.  Jesus says something here that is crucial for every believer to know.  What is that?  That Poppa God LOVES  YOU JUST AS MUCH AS HE LOVES JESUS!!!!  Not less but just as much.  Do you know how powerful that is?   Do you know that all of Jesus’s confidence came out of His knowledge that His Father loved Him?  This was one of the first things that The Father said to Jesus before He ever did one work, one miracle or anything else.

And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Matthew 3:17 KJV

Poppa loves you just as much as He loves Jesus.  As a  result of that love, everything available to Jesus is available to you because of the The Father’s love.  You are joint heir with Jesus.  Joint means equal.  It does not mean that Jesus gets more and you get less.  It means that everything Jesus gets you get.  Everything Jesus has access to, you have access to.   All the health and all the life and all the joy and all the protection that Jesus walked in while He was here on Earth and while He right now sits at the right hand of The Father is yours!!!! The Word declares that we are seated in Heavenly places WITH Christ Jesus.  So don’t see The Father and Jesus as far away.  See them through the eyes of The Word and faith as right there sitting next to you.  Look to your left and say, “Poppa thank you for loving me and the love you loved me with and gave to me through the Holy Ghost I now and forever love You back with.”  Always focus on The Father’s love for you and not on your love for Him.  Why do I say that?  Because we have a tendency to judge our love by how we feel or what we do or haven’t done.  But Poppa’s not like that.  He loves you BIG TIME and ALWAYS and His Love never fails, never gives up, never runs out of us even on our worst acting, tripping day.  He stills says to you, “You are still my girl or boy and I love you and nothing you do OR don’t do can ever change that or change Me.”  Now when you really think about that, YOU WILL LOVE POPPA!!!!  And that is worth more than anything else in the universe because He said nothing shall separate us from His Love which is in and through Christ Jesus.

All the blessed to you!!! Shalom!



  1. what hurts is unanswered prayer, it hurts to step out and pray for someone and there seems to
    be no responce just more doubt and unbeliieve. The fault is with me not God just doing something


    • Paul, I know exactly what your mean. But Jesus asked us to not grow weary in our asking, and to also believe we receive when we pray. So that is the most difficult, yet the most important. Believing that we have already received what we have asked for. So after I have asked and prayed about something, and the thing pops in my head again…instead of praying for it again (which I’ve done, so I know), I thank God for it, as if it is already in my life. I heard someone say once that if God has ever answered one of your prayers then we have no right to doubt Him ever again. That was an eye-opener for me.

      Stay in faith, and keep your heart and mind focused on God as much as you can. May God bless you and show you His grace,



  2. This reminds me of my dream over a year ago, when I was told “If you only knew how much God RADIANTLY loves you…” There was a desperate emphasis on Radiant and so I try to remember that. But when it said “if you only knew” that requires a “then” at the end of the sentence…”then” what? I suppose it’s up to us to fill that in, “then we would have every CONFIDENCE for every desire and need”, “then we would never fear, and have full rest in God for every good thing”, “then….” It isn’t easy, but so worth the daily effort. And perhaps if our focus was solely on how much God Loves us, then ‘effort’ would cease, and ease would begin.

    Thank you, again for a glorious reminder of my inheritance of LOVE!

    Marianne 🙂


    • everything is dependent of real God pleasing faith. It comes from his word, with no doubt
      or unbelief. One will not receive without faith, but we have a the right to ask for the faith of
      God “help my unbelief ” and Jesus did help. So teach me this I have not gotten to your place
      yet. Thanks.


  3. Just know that Jesus has given you His faith and you have it. Remember He said, Have faith in God. The real translations is HAVE THE GOD KIND OF FAITH. And he is offering something there. HAVE IT!!! Bro Copeland said, “HAVE A COOKIE!” Take what is offered.


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