And who is the man who knows what is in a man except only the spirit of the man that is in him? So also a man does not know what is in God, only The Spirit of God knows.  Aramaic Bible in Plain English  I Corinthians 2:11

As a believer have you ever taken the time to truly think about and ask, “Who am I?.  It’s a great question and one that all of us need to ask.  The main thing though is that we get the answers from the right place.  Where is that place?  God’s Word and God’s Spirit in our born again human spirit.  The scripture above is very interesting when you stop and think about it.  Who is the man who knows what is in a man except only the spirit of the man that is in him?  Notice what the scripture did not say. It didn’t say your body knows who you are.  It didn’t even say your mind knows who you are.  It says the only one who knows what is in you is your spirit.

We are not talking about what you do for a job, no, no, no.  We are not talking about you being a stock broker or cashier or a technician.  We’re talking about who you really are and what you really can do through Christ who strengthens you.  So what are some of the ways to bring this real you to the surface?  I don’t claim to know all of them but I do know a couple.  One is praying in the spirit.  When you pray in the spirit you are praying and saying things you don’t know you know or more your mind does not know.  You also build up your spirit, soul and body in that order.   This brings the spirit into ascendancy and pushes the flesh and carnal mind down into a subservient role where it belongs so you can see, hear, think and speak the supernatural.  Praying in tongues is powerful.  It does so many good things and you can do it all the time.  Even while watching TV.  Don’t let religious people put you in a box about when to do it and when not to.  It’s a gift that you can exercise at will.  The other thing is by believing and confessing that you have the mind of Christ.

But as for us, Christ’s mind we have. I Corinthians 2:16 Kenneth Wuest Translation

Believing God’s Word is powerful and can transform your life.  Believing is obedience in the New Testament.  When you believe the Word you are acting on it and this transforms and renews your mind.  It washes you because The Word is like water. It washes off the dead skin of the flesh and carnal thinking and leaves The Truth sitting there fresh, smooth and alive.  As The Truth exposes the lies, the real you begins to manifest and continues until Jesus comes.  So ask the Spirit of Truth to help you. This is what He is there for to lead and guide you into ALL TRUTH!!!   The Holy Ghost is a teacher and He is sitting there waiting to teach and show you who you really are as the righteousness God in Christ!!!

All the ‘blessed’ to you!!! Shalom!


5 thoughts on “JUST DA TRUTH – ABOUT YOU

  1. praying in the spirit, is your reborn spirit seeking to be one with God, Jesus,
    the Holy Spirit it edifies, and brings strength to your new nature, revelation
    will follow, and God’s word will become rhema, and your faith that God gave
    you will activate, there is a big difference between knowledge and revelation.
    This is how Paul got his revelation and wrote most of the new testament. Your
    flesh does not like to loose its hold of dominance but if you continue in this
    effort God’s grace and love, and wisdom will be revealed and abode with Jesus will come and live great in you, be-sure to add worship corporate and
    private in all your doing, and fasting will keep your flesh under control, we
    need to walk in the spirit, every single moment of our days, God will bring
    more of his self than you can hardly hold, ever increasing your old nature
    and strongholds will die, and you will reap God’s abode, every second of your
    days, this is what happened to Enoch. God loves us and wants to give us
    his shalom every second of our lives, and when we pray with others power
    will be their to help them, his instructions will be clear to you, on what and
    how He wants done. Glory to God in the highest forever.

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  2. Truth is a wonderful thing, Vincent, and you always manage to profess it in one way or another. Our Spirit within knows us and is there to guide us. I think that’s why so many say that the answers we need for every problem is within us. The hierarchy God showed me was that my body was subject to my mind, my mind is (or should be- that would be the renewing of the mind) subject to my spirit and my spirit is subject God or one with God. So if I allow that to be the way I would be in harmony.

    I’ve never, ever, never been able to “speak in the spirit” as they say. As much as I’ve tried, or not tried, or allowed, or invited, or whatever…well, it just doesn’t happen (chuckle – I can remember a service where someone was laying hands on people to speak in tongues and everyone was dropping or swooning, and she got a little edgy with me because I just couldn’t do it). But I’m okay with that because I know without a doubt that God still hears me, and I’ve come to understand for me that when I am still and silent, then my spirit communes with God. Sometimes there is a chord that pulls me into God, the expression of which my tongue cannot utter. Perhaps, that’s my way of speaking in the Spirit.

    Either way, God radiantly loves me, and I have decided to root that into myself with all of my heart.

    You are a pleasure, Vincent, and a blessing. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed lately, so I decided to take a hiatus from the KCM site. But I will still pop by and visit with you.

    Blessings for a God day, (sometimes I mean to type ‘good’ and it comes out god, so I leave it 🙂 )


  3. Marianne, that happens to me as well. I type good and it comes out God which is synonymous. One thing don’t say you never, because you still have time. It is a blessed thing to pray in the spirit. Please do not entertain for one second the thought, “Well how come I have not been able to up to this point?” If its something you desire Marianne just tell Poppa, Lord I receive that gift and walk away without giving it another thought, The Holy Spirit will take care of the rest. You are a great blessing and there is so much more to you than you see or think. KNOW THIS. Be sure to ASK and THINK about that which is the greatest desire of your heart because The Word says NOW unto Him that is able to DO exceedingly, abundantly, above ALL that you ASK or THINK (not all that you can ask or think) according to the power that worketh in you. That power is Jesus. It is He who worketh in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure. All the ‘blessed’ to you Marianne!!! And His Shalom!

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