…for the law of the Spirit, that of the life in Christ Jesus, freed you once for all from the law of the sinful nature and of death.  Romans 8:2

When a person is driving a car and they come to a corner or location and see a red octagon with the white letters S-T-O-P on it.  They know exactly what it means (or they should).  They also know that that stop sign is a law.  They may choose to ignore the sign thereby ignoring the law and if a officer of the law is nearby and sees them they may be pulled over for violating that law with repercussions of a ticket and or fine. This very natural scenario is easily understood by us and I want you to pay close attention because Jesus wants you to KNOW about another law, one that works for you all the time but like the driver you may have been ignoring it or simply ignorant of it.  Its called “the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus.”  Let’s look at our foundational scripture once more.

…for the law of the Spirit, that of the life in Christ Jesus, freed you once for all from the law of the sinful nature and of death. Romans 8:2

The word law there in that scripture is the Greek word nomos.  It has various meanings but the meaning we are interested in is:  a law or rule producing a state approved of God.  What is the state approved by God our Father, our Poppa, our Daddy? RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Let’s look at another scripture.

…Who (Jesus) Himself carried up to the Cross our sins in His body and offered Himself there as on an altar, doing this in order that we, having died with respect to our sins, might live with respect to righteousness, by means of Whose bleeding stripe [the word “stripe” is in the singular here; a picture of our Lord’s back after the scourging, one mass of raw, quivering flesh with no skin remaining, trickling with blood] you were healed… I Peter 2:24 Kenneth Wuest Translation

So we see in Romans 8 we have been freed ONCE and FOR ALL from the law of the sinful nature or sin and death. This is because Jesus bore sin and death for us so we don’t have to.  So we have been freed from something but what have we been freed to?  RIGHTEOUSNESS.  1 Peter tells us that Jesus Himself bore our sins in His own body of the Cross and when He died we died with Him to sin and when He arose from the dead He arose “dead to sin.”  What does it mean to be dead to sin.  Let me ask you, “How much malaria can a disease carrying mosquito give to a dead corpse sitting in the morgue?”  The answer is NONE, ZERO, ZILCH!!! That person or corpse is dead!  The disease transmitted by that mosquito can not have any affect on that dead corpse.  This is what it means to be dead to sin and free from sin. Notice in the scripture in 1 Peter 2:24 it says, “having died with respect to our sins,”.  Jesus did this ONCE and for ALL and if you are a believer you were and are included in the ALL. So now you live with respect or acknowledging or acting on the knowledge of RIGHTEOUSNESS which is the state approved by God. Righteousness is simply everything being right or as it should be in the way our Father created.  This means no sickness, no disease, no lack, no poverty, no fear.  The law of the Spirit has freed us from these things.  A law is an inward principle of action, operating with the fixedness and regularity of a law.  A stop sign does not change.  It means STOP every time, all the time.  The Law of the Spirit does not change.  It operates with fixedness and regularity ALL THE TIME.  And since it frees you from sin and death that means you are free from sickness and  disease and lack and anything else that came or exist as a result of sin and death brought into the world by and thru Adam.  This is the STATE you are in whether you know it or not OR whether it looks like it or not.  We walk by faith not by sight and if you believe in the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus you will walk in and see the benefits of that law in your life.

We will finish this up soon. Stay tuned!  All the blessed to you! Shalom!!!


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