Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.  Matthew 28:18 New International Version

So how much authority  does the believer have?  ALL AUTHORITY!  Right after Jesus made this statement he turned around and told His disciples to “go therefore.”  As Brother Copeland would say, “When you see a therefore go back and find out what its there for.”  So lets look at the entire scripture.

And Jesus came up and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. 19 “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”  Matthew 28:18-20  New American Standard Version

So Jesus is letting His disciples know that all power in Heaven and Earth has been given to Him and as a result of that they were to go therefore and makes disciples of all nations.  Then at the very end is where you see it.  He is getting ready to leave then and go back to The Father but says something that seems strange for someone who is leaving.  He says He’s leaving but for them to know that He is with them always even until the end of the age.  How was He going to be with them even though He was leaving?  He is still here in HIS NAME.  Jesus’ Name represents and can and will and is doing the same thing He would be doing if He Himself  was here physically.  Go back and read that again.  It’s a lot to digest.  When Christ Body operates in faith in His Name they do the same things that Jesus did and still does today.  You see this in book of Acts chapter 3 with Peter and John.

But Peter, along with John, fixed his gaze on him and said, “Look at us!” 5 And he began to give them his attention, expecting to receive something from them. 6 But Peter said, “I do not possess silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you: In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene– walk!”  Acts 3:4-6 New American Standard Version 

Let’s examine these verses closely so you can get a picture for yourself of how you should be thinking, knowing and operating. Peter said that he did not possess silver and gold, but WHAT I DO HAVE I GIVE TO YOU.  What did he have and more importantly what did he KNOW that he had?  THE NAME.  The next verse he freely gives what he has freely received, The Name.  He told the man to walk in The Name of Jesus and the man walked.  The Name will do what Jesus Himself would do if He was here.  The Name belongs to you so you do not need faith to use it but you do need to have faith in it,  Let me explain.  When you walk into an auditorium or a church and you walk to a chair, think about how you don’t even think twice about sitting down in the chair.  You don’t know if the chair has been poorly manufactured or contains defective material.  You have faith in the chair that it will hold you up.  You do it without thinking about it.  The same thing with your car.  When is the last time you went and prayed and used your faith that your keys would open the door to your car?  Probably never. You don’t need faith to use your car because its yours.  What is yours you do not need faith to use. Remember I said you need faith in The Name but you do not need faith to use it because IT’S YOURS!!!  Look at what Peter said:

And his name—by faith in his name—has made this man strong whom you see and know, and the faith that is through Jesus has given the man this perfect health in the presence of you all. Acts 3:16  English Standard Version

Peter knew HE HAD The Name and he used it to do what Jesus would have done.  This is how Jesus did so many things effortlessly and sometimes with out even speaking.  He KNEW what was His.  You don’t go and ask for permission to use your own property you just do it.  When you know the devil is subject to you, you tell him what to do, not him telling you what he is going to do to you, to your family, your finances, your children or whatever else.   When demons were in Jesus’ presence THEY were the ones who were scared and begging for mercy not Jesus.  They asked for permission to do this or that and begged He would not cast them out before time.  THAT IS DOMINION and  AUTHORITY and that same dominion and authority belongs to you because you are The Body of Christ and Jesus is the Head.  The Head does not have more authority than The Body they have the same authority.  Cut your head off and see how much it can do apart from your body.  NOTHING! Your head will just  sit there and look and hear and smell but your head can’t do a thing apart from your body.  The same thing applies when it comes to Jesus. Without Him you can do nothing and without you, His Body in the Earth realm Jesus can do nothing.  And that is JUST DA TRUTH!!!

All the ‘blessed’ to you!!!  Shalom!



  1. Oh, Vincent, this is such an important topic you are covering here. You do it so well, too. I think the reason most of us do not get results when using the ‘name’ is because most Christians are not really believers. They believe that Jesus lived, was the son of God, and that He did all the things mentioned in the scriptures, but they don’t really believe believe that all of that is for now. They were not really taught to be disciples in the true sense of the word (that a disciple becomes like the master), and therefore it’s all a nice story to listen to in church, but…. Most Christians are content to believe that Jesus died for their sins and leave it at that, because to really be able to use His name and do the things He did, well, they just weren’t really taught to do that,and have no understanding what that really means. I never did until much later in my life, and then it was “Wow! Really? Seriously? I was never taught this!” Now trying to comprehend the truth of it after being ‘brainwashed’ one way is quite difficult, but not impossible. I’m still working on it. I’m glad you are re-enforcing this fact.

    In ancient Indian spirituality, it is believed that the name of a very holy person has the same power, force, essence, Life force as the person himself. When I read that a while back, I understood how Jesus’ name could have so much power in it. It has become Him. It has the same Life Force as He had. His name and He are one. It’s hard to explain, but you get what I’m saying.

    Anyway, good stuff! If only it had not been so lost for so many centuries…but all is not lost, it just takes practice…if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! 🙂 And believe…only those who truly believe have the authority – but it takes practice for it to get rooted in our being.

    Blessings for a great day,


    • Marianne,

      I bless you. You got it. You see it. I am so glad you see it. I wanted for so long to share about it not taking faith to use The Name because it’s yours. I knew it was true but people tend to take things the wrong way and I could see someone saying, ” what does he mean you don’t have to have faith to use The Name.” Faith in The Name is where it’s at just like faith in the car key to start the car. You just do if. I learned this from Bro. Kenneth Hagin and was so shocked. I thank God for you. Can I use what you said in tommorow’s post?


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