….As for you, if you remain in the word which is Mine, truly, My disciples you are. And you shall know the Truth in an experiential way, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:31 -32 Kenneth Wuest Translation

We talked about the truth being Jesus so now lets talk about REST.  The Holy Spirit said something to me a few days ago as I was meditating about the Truth.  He said, “The more Truth you have the more rest you have.”  Think about this.  If you suddenly had a bill that had to be paid in the natural for $25,000 otherwise the consequences would be dire most people would be concerned.  But if you were Ivanka Trump and your father were Donald Trump would you really be concerned or lets say would Ivanka be concerned? No!  Why?  She knows the truth!!!  She knows her Daddy is a billionaire and that he is not going to allow anything to happen to her and that he will do everything in his power to keep his daughter safe, healthy and happy.  She would probably just go on with her day having lunch with her friends or a meeting.  Now Donald Trump is a man.  How much more should you have this confidence in your Heavenly Father and The Lord Jesus Christ that He will take care of you?   When you know He will you will rest.  Yes you will do what you need to and can do but you will rest and say, “Thank you Poppa!! Thank you Lord Jesus you’ve already taken care of it.”  This is what Jesus has instructed you to do.

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. I Peter 5:7 KJV

Now lets go back to the Trump scenario.   Ivanka’s Dad would more than likely do the same thing Jesus just told you to do.  He would say to his daughter, “Don’t worry about it baby I will take care of it.”  Now she has known her Dad all of her life and I am sure she has had him take care of many things for her before so she KNOWS HIM.  She knows he’s not lying to her.  She knows his character.  Someone else may call her father a liar, or a cheat or a scam artist but she does not care.  SHE KNOWS THE TRUTH about him.  That truth allows her to rest!!!  The same should be true about you.  You should know your Father and Jesus through His Word.  You should know exactly what He is going to do.  You may not know how but you know He will and you should know HE HAS taken care of it.  Unlike a human father Poppa does not have to wait for a situation to arise to address it, prepare and provide for it. He is The Ancient of Days.  He declared the end or final reality of your situation before the beginning so it was handled a long, long time ago.  When you believe or exercise faith in the final reality that He declared then that is what manifest.  When you exercise faith in something else, barring His Grace you can put the results up in the air because you have authority and say in the situation because God is not a dictator.  Know The Truth! Get in The Word!  and REST!!!

All the ‘blessed’ to you!!! Shalom!


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