How is it possible for us, such persons as we are, who have been separated once for all from the sinful nature, any longer to live in its grip?  Roman 6:2 Kenneth Wuest Translation

As a born again believer, do you realize you have been given an entirely new life and nature?  You have been given the very life and shalom of Jesus Himself.  You have not been given a lesser life but exact same life and shalom that The Father and Jesus  have.   Because of you dying with Jesus and having been raised with Him, worry, fear, sin, sickness, disease, poverty, lack are things that are no longer yours because Jesus bore each and every single one of those things and more for  you in His own Body of the Cross.  And since the Bible says that The Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world, that means He did this before the world or time ever began.  This means that He took away things that were “never mine” in the first place.

You never were suppose to be sick. You never were suppose to be broke.  You never were suppose to be in fear.  You never were suppose to even know about evil.  You never were ever suppose to grow old, get weak and die.  These things were never in The Father’s plan for anyone.  They came as a result of sin and the sinful nature.

For the One Who died once for all stands in the position of a permanent relationship of freedom from the sinful nature. Romans 6:7 Kenneth Wuest Translation

I once heard Brother Copeland say this.  He said “Jesus wasn’t free because He didn’t sin.  Jesus didn’t sin because He was free.”  Until Jesus took our sin upon Himself, He was in the position of a permanent relationship of freedom from the sinful nature.  So not only was He not sick.  He could not become sick!!!  Why? Because sickness only came thru sin.  He was and is today completely free from sin and so are you.  Don’t take my word for it take The Word for it!!!.

Thus, also, as for you, you be constantly counting upon the fact that, on the one hand, you are those who have been separated from the sinful nature, and, on the other, that you are living ones with respect to God in Christ Jesus. Romans 6:11 Kenneth Wuest Translation

You have been separated and circumcised from the sinful nature and it has no authority over you.  You may ask, “Well if that’s true then how did Jesus die.  Think about this.  They beat Jesus and whipped Him until His whole back was one STRIPE with no skin on it. That did not kill Him.  They pressed thorns on His head.  That did not kill Him. They hung Him on the Cross, that did not kill Him. How did he die then.  The scripture says He became ‘obedient’ unto death. In other words He said  “Okay death!” and yielded up His Spirit to His Father and died.  They could not kill him.  You are going to have to take sometime and study this out but any area of the sinful nature that tries to affect your life, it cannot stay unless you say “okay’. It does not have the legal right and it knows it but the key is DO YOU KNOW IT?  The Truth does not make you free.  It’s the TRUTH that you know is what makes you free.  You are free from the sinful nature in all of its ways, shapes and forms.  That nature contains things that were NEVER MINE and I don’t receive any of it.   Read this poem and I pray the Lord gives you even greater understanding.


By Vincent H. Ivory

Poppa because of what You’ve done

You burned me up inside Your Son

Now righteousness now can’t be undone

Eternal salvation and a life of fun

“Fun you say?” Yes fun indeed

Poppa lets me drive at His Speed

He removed the reins and gave Him/Me the lead

He let me ride upon His steed

Why is it fun? Because there’s no end

Except the sanctimonious end of sin

And hasatan and all his kin

He should have known he’d never win

But stupid is as stupid does

You can’t destroy I AM, I IS, I WAS

Let all the angels declare the buzz

His Grace abounds and all because…..

The One whose full of Grace and Truth

The One so many think is uncouth.

The One with more hits than Babe Ruth

The One Who gives unending youth

The One Who created and controls all time.

The One Who when known is so sublime

The One Who was punished but did no crime

Who took away things that were never mine

What things are these? The fear of death

The uncertainty of when is my last breath

Who gave me all when I had nothing left

The One who hid Moses within the cleft

The One Who grafted us in as a limb

When others saw trash He saw a gem

The One Who saw us bright when we were oh so dim

The One Who made us just like Him!!!

Thank you Poppa!!

All the blessed to you!!! Shalom!



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