But now, having been set free from the sinful nature and having been made bondslaves of God, you are having your fruit resulting in holiness, and the consummation, life eternal.  Romans 6:22 Kenneth Wuest Translation

Yesterday we talked about things that were “NEVER YOURS” as a believer because of you being chosen before the beginning of time by God to be in Him through Christ Jesus.   Sickness, disease, fear, lack and even death are a part of the sinful nature.  The scripture above declares you have been set free from the sinful nature.  What does set free mean?  You are no longer in any bondage to it or obligated to fulfill any responsibility to the sinful nature because you are free.  Free to live a life committed and dedicated to God, this is holiness.   Then in addition to that the consummation of that holiness is eternal life.  Eternal life is the greek word aionios  and it means to have the same quality of life as God the Father and Jesus. To live the same way they live in Heaven’s sinless abode.  But this does not mean you live that way only when you get to Heaven.  No this life exist outside of time, in time and beyond time and is your now as a present possession.  But it is received and manifested by Grace Who is Jesus, through faith (our believing what He said He has DONE).

But where the sin was augmented, the grace superabounded with more added to that, in order that just as the aforementioned sin reigned as king in the sphere of death, thus also the aforementioned grace might reign as king through righteousness, resulting in eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord  Romans 5:20-21 Kenneth Wuest Translation

So believe that you are righteous.  This is the first step in walking in this freedom from all the effects and devastation of the sinful nature.  Notice the scripture says that GRACE reigns THRU righteousness unto or resulting in eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Take sometime to meditate that.  You will begin to notice changes in your body and situations and circumstances because sin no longer has any dominion over you. You are free and The Blood of Jesus cleanses you from ALL sin past, present and future.

All the ‘blessed’ to you!!! Shalom!


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