I have given them the glory You gave Me, so they may be One as We are One.  John 17:22 New Living Translation

Are you willing to buck tradition and your own preconceived notion about, “God gets ALL the glory?”  I am amazed at how much Bible toting Christians suddenly go silent when I say, “Make sure you receive the glory!!!”  Many go absolutely silent and give me the look like, “See Vincent has finally lost it.  Everybody knows that God gets all the glory”  But guess what?  That’s not what Jesus said.  You may be shocked to find out that Jesus is the speaker of the scripture listed above. and it may be well worth your time to read the entire prayer Jesus prayed in John 17.

The truth is, believers have heard, “God gets all the glory” and “He will not give His glory to another”. I have heard this for years from many pulpits.  But what is more concerning is how sometimes believers will believe what a minister says over and above The Word of God.  How does this happen? It happens because for many, many years and even today many Christians let preachers do their reading and studying for them.  This is not a bash on preachers and ministers of the gospel.  I am a minister of the gospel and so are you.  But I am told not to lean to my own understanding, especially when it’s not based on The Word of God and neither should you.  If you do you’re going to miss out on being a part of an answer to Jesus’s prayer.  Jesus prayed to The Father and said, “The glory you gave Me I have given to them.  Why? So that they may be One even as We(The Father and Jesus) are One.

Listen to me, if Jesus prayed about us receiving given glory so that, or for the purpose of us being One with Him, that tells me something.  It tells me I cannot be One with Jesus Who has glory unless I have glory too.  If I have 100 million dollars and I want you to be one with me, you cannot be one unless I give you 50 million dollars.  If I give you 49 million you might be rich but you are not one with me because I have more than you.  I hope you see this.  You cannot be One with Jesus unless you believe and receive the glory He has given you.  You are not stealing glory, He has given it to you.  And what Jesus gives it’s in your best interest to take regardless of what you have been taught, thought or told.

And that is this weekend’s Truth 4 Thought!!!

All the ‘blessed’ to you!!! Shalom



  1. Amen! I was raised Catholic (God bless them all), but seriously, we very rarely questioned the priest, as you were saying. And almost never read the bible (I hear that from many older Catholics) And many,many times, they were giving us more man-made doctrine than God given word. So when I began really reading the new testament for myself about 18 years ago, I was really shocked to see how much power and glory there was in it.

    I really loved your analogy. I would think that God’s glory shines when we shine in glory, too. Truly something to meditate on.


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  2. Amen! I’m a proponent of studying on your own, in a real and organic way. I mean getting out that bible, getting out that dictionary AND concordance sitting down to pray then dig in. I’ve learned more that way than in all my years sitting in a church congregation.


  3. P.S. I’m not Catholic anymore, nor do I adhere to any denominations rules or religious beliefs about what Christ taught. But I will admit that renewing the mind and releasing all of the nonsense taught to me is an everyday thing. Though it gets easier everyday. The more God reveals Himself the more I slough off past false teachings. It amazes me though how many people will not think for themselves, or ask questions within themselves. I’ve been asking questions from childhood…the nuns didn’t appreciate that, because they didn’t have the answers for the tough questions I had. I guess really only Jesus does. 🙂 Thank you for your reminders in faith.



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