Let us therefore fear, lest, a promise being left us of entering into his rest, any of you should seem to come short of it. Hebrews 4:1 King James Version

All week we have been talking about His Rest and the finished work of our Father and The Lord Jesus Christ.  It has been great and eye-opening.  I have checked myself in certain areas and realized areas where I was not resting.  Do you know you can rest in one area and not rest in another?  Lets say in the area of finances.  You may be fine, plenty in the bank account, retirement account etc., but what about that a persistent small pain that tries to nag at your body continually?  Are you just putting up with that?  Are you thinking thoughts like, “It’s not that bad!”  My friend Jesus died for you to be completely free in your finances and your health and every other area.  Don’t make a mistake and settle for anything less than ALL that Poppa has provided thru Christ Jesus.  Also even though you may be good in your finances do a check and make sure your confidence is not in money or what you have. It is good and great and right to have savings and emergency and retirement accounts but your trust must be in JESUS.  Lets take a look at The Father speaking about rest in another chapter.

God has told his people, “Here is a place of rest; let the weary rest here. This is a place of quiet rest.” But they would not listen. Isaiah 11:28 New Living Translation

You would think if God told someone to rest and showed them the place to rest that they would say,”Cool Lord, I am going to rest.”  But humans and the human mind does not work that way.  It wants to do something and if you examine the core of the issue many times its so the person can say, “I did this!”  That is self-righteousness.  When a person thinks Poppa blesses them because they went to church or served at church or they were nice to someone this knocks Jesus finished work to second class and The Lord is not going to allow that.  Not because He’s a glory hog but because He knows its dangerous.  That self-righteousness will turn into pride and pride goes before the fall.

The beginning of Hebrews four verse three says something very important.

For only we who believe can enter His rest. Hebrews 4:3 New Living Translation

Trusting in our own works is not believing.  It is self-righteousness.  Your righteousness and dependence on what you can do is limited.  You can only go so far and do so much.  But Jesus’s righteousness can and has covered all. It is the righteousness  of God in Christ.  God does not give us any faith He gives us His faith.  God does not give us any righteousness He gives us His righteousness.  When you depend on His Word and His righteousness you can rest.

All the blessed to you!!! Shalom!


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