But, as for you, divinely loved ones, building yourselves up constantly in the sphere of and by means of your most holy Faith, and as constantly praying in the sphere of and by means of the Holy Spirit, with watchful care keep yourselves within the sphere of God’s love, expectantly looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ resulting in life eternal. Jude 1:20 Kenneth Wuest Translation

Praying in the Spirit or by the Spirit is one of the most powerful weapons and tools given to us by God the Father thru the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is also unfortunately one of the most underused, taught against and simply ignored weapons.  I don’t talk about the devil in most cases because he’s a defeated foe who deserves no respect.  This is the way Jesus treated him and the things he caused and you should take your cue from Jesus, not man.  But I want you to know that the enemy is involved in distracting and teaching against this gift.  Jesus told the the disciples to wait for the gift of the Holy Spirit and tongues. Prayer as a whole should be valued but it should also be realized as to what it is: simply communicating and exchanges or conversations and desires with God the Father.

Here’s a few things praying in the spirit does:

  • Builds you up in your spirit, soul and body allowing your physical immune system to receive a 30% or more boost as documented by researchers at Oral Roberts University.
  • Allows you to pray the perfect and accurate prayer for any situation, regardless of what your mind knows or does not know.
  • Brings you to a place of peace on the inside that releases peace and shalom in your outside circumstances by faith.
  • Releases the Kingdom of God in you with which is righteousness, shalom and joy in the Holy Ghost.  When continued in for a extended period of time, aligns your spirit and soul to line up with the Holy Spirit
  • Moves you permanently to places that were already yours in Christ, that you were unaware of or only realized in corporate church settings or in the midst of praise of worship.  The sense of joy released strengthens you spirit, soul and body.

You will be empowered and encouraged to pray more and particularly in the Spirit and receive the many benefits the Lord has provided through that piece of the armor of God.

All the blessed to you! Shalom!!!


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