But now, having been set free from the sinful nature and having been made bondslaves of God, you are having your fruit resulting in holiness, and the consummation, life eternal.  Romans 6:22 Kenneth Wuest Translation

Yesterday we talked about things that were “NEVER YOURS” as a believer because of you being chosen before the beginning of time by God to be in Him through Christ Jesus.   Sickness, disease, fear, lack and even death are a part of the sinful nature.  The scripture above declares you have been set free from the sinful nature.  What does set free mean?  You are no longer in any bondage to it or obligated to fulfill any responsibility to the sinful nature because you are free.  Free to live a life committed and dedicated to God, this is holiness.   Then in addition to that the consummation of that holiness is eternal life.  Eternal life is the greek word aionios  and it means to have the same quality of life as God the Father and Jesus. To live the same way they live in Heaven’s sinless abode.  But this does not mean you live that way only when you get to Heaven.  No this life exist outside of time, in time and beyond time and is your now as a present possession.  But it is received and manifested by Grace Who is Jesus, through faith (our believing what He said He has DONE).

But where the sin was augmented, the grace superabounded with more added to that, in order that just as the aforementioned sin reigned as king in the sphere of death, thus also the aforementioned grace might reign as king through righteousness, resulting in eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord  Romans 5:20-21 Kenneth Wuest Translation

So believe that you are righteous.  This is the first step in walking in this freedom from all the effects and devastation of the sinful nature.  Notice the scripture says that GRACE reigns THRU righteousness unto or resulting in eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Take sometime to meditate that.  You will begin to notice changes in your body and situations and circumstances because sin no longer has any dominion over you. You are free and The Blood of Jesus cleanses you from ALL sin past, present and future.

All the ‘blessed’ to you!!! Shalom!



And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.  I John 4:16  King James Version
Let me start with a question.  When The Word of God says something do you believe it?  The scripture above is a scripture to be taken with faith.  The scripture says WE HAVE KNOWN AND BELIEVED THE LOVE.  I believe that and I believe that since I believe that I get an ever-increasing revelation of God’s Love that will increase my knowledge and belief of God’s Love.   The truth is that every promise of God is already in Christ YES and in Him Amen so they are a done deal waiting to be received.  God’s promises are God’s Love talking to you.  Let’s look at another scripture.

But in that coming day no weapon turned against you will succeed. You will silence every voice raised up to accuse you. These benefits are enjoyed by the servants of the LORD; their vindication will come from me. I, the LORD, have spoken!  Isaiah 54:17 New Living Translation

That coming day is now. Have you ever heard the term, “No means no?”  No also means none.  There’s a scripture in Numbers that says God is not a man that He should lie.  I do not know if all believers really believe this because I hear too many believers saying, “You see what happened on the news?  That can happen here or that can happen to you.”  This is not knowing and believing the Love.  I was at a church event with a family member out of town and the lady who was overseeing the service said, “God aint never said anything about you being happy!!!! He said something about you being holy!!!”  I then looked around as multiple people said, “Amen!!!”  which means so be it.  I walked out and went outside to get a breather and I had to wonder, “Did somebody rip the book of Psalms and Proverbs out of these people’s Bible?”  How many times in Psalms and Proverbs does it say,  “Happy is the man?”.   I am not being critical.  I simply want to make a statement that you should never forget.  I don’t care how old, or young, how many years the preacher has been preaching or how anointed they are purported to be, NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LORD AND NOBODY IS ABOVE THE WORD!!! PERIOD!!!  We must know and believe the Love God has for us and the only way to know that is through The Word of God first and foremost.  Look at what The Word says about your protection.

5You will not fear the terror of night,
nor the arrow that flies by day,
6nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
nor the plague that destroys at midday.
7A thousand may fall at your side,
ten thousand at your right hand,
but it will not come near you.
8You will only observe with your eyes
and see the punishment of the wicked.
9If you say, “The Lord is my refuge,”
and you make the Most High your dwelling,
10no harm will overtake you,
no disaster will come near your tent.
11For he will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways;
12they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.
13You will tread on the lion and the cobra;
you will trample the great lion and the serpent.
14“Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him;
I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.
15He will call on me, and I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble,
I will deliver him and honor him.
16With long life I will satisfy him
and show him my salvation.”

Psalms 91:5-16 KJV

Making a choice to believe The Word of God is knowing and believing the love that God has for Jesus and therefore for you.  Jesus Himself said  that God loves us just as much as He loves Jesus.

I in them and you in me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.  John 17:23 NIV

Jesus wants you to KNOW and BELIEVE the LOVE that God has for you.  He knows it is crucial to your confidence, protection, provision and success.  If The Word says you know and believe then say AMEN!!!!  Agree with The Word and  watch it be made manifest in your life.

All the ‘blessed’ to you!!! Shalom!


But Christ has rescued us from the curse pronounced by the law. When he was hung on the cross, he took upon himself the curse for our wrongdoing. For it is written in the Scriptures, “Cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree.” Galatians 3:13 New Living Translation

As a believer, there are so many benefits that we HAVE because of the finished and redeeming work of Christ. It is worthwhile for us to know what these are. I used to read the book of Deuteronomy 28 and I would read about all the blessings. I did not like reading about the curses, they were ugly and nasty and cruel and abhorrent. I didn’t want to know about them. But it is a good thing to know your enemy AFTER you know that he is defeated and that JESUS IS LORD of ALL!!!! Why do I say this? Because there could be something going on in your life that is spiritually and naturally illegal but you are unaware that it is illegal. The only way you will know is if you find out. I often use this example but everyone knows it is illegal to break into someone else’s home but people still do it. The devil is the same way. Jesus has already won the day so we are NEVER fighting FOR VICTORY. We always fight FROM VICTORY. Jesus whipped the devil and then gave the victory to us. How successful can you be when you are fighting a defeated foe? As successful as Jesus in every area of your life. This applies to our children as well. You may not know what the Bible says in regards to your children but please know this: The Bible is The Word Who is Jesus and He has given to us all things pertaining to life and godliness. You do not have to allow satan to have his way in the life of your child because as a righteous person Poppa, God the Father has made specific promises to you regarding your own safety and the safety and peace of your family. Now there are evil things mentioned under the curse of the law that can happen to people’s children but not to a believer who knows their rights and exercises those right in The Name of Jesus. The Name of Jesus BELONGS to every believer as a part of their eternal inheritance and them being a joint heir with Jesus. Everything that belongs to Jesus now belongs to you. How much does Jesus have? Everything that Poppa, God the Father has.

All that belongs to the Father is mine. That is why I said the Spirit will receive from me what he will make known to you.” John 16:15 NIV

So lets take a look at two specific areas that are listed in the curse of the law so that you can know what your children and you as a child of God are redeemed from.

Your children and your crops will be cursed. Deuteronomy 28:18 NLT You will watch as your sons and daughters are taken away as slaves. Your heart will break for them, but you won’t be able to help them. Deuteronomy 28:32 NLT

So this scripture which is in the Old Testament and is part of the curse of the law of which Galatians 3:13 says you ARE REDEEMED from says that this person’s children will be cursed and their crops. Verse 32 goes on to say in Deuteronomy that their sons and daughters will be taken away as slaves (slaves to imprisonment, slaves to captivity to drugs and other things). The curse goes on to reveal that the parent’s heart will break for them but that they will be powerless to help them. I tell you what, if you are a believer that scripture is NOT talking about YOU!!! Ohhhhhhh no! You are the redeemed! You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Look at what God’s Word says to you who are righteous.

All your children will be taught by the LORD, and your children will have unlimited peace. Isaiah 54:13 God’s Word Translation

A few verses down it says:

But in that coming day no weapon turned against you will succeed. You will silence every voice raised up to accuse you. These benefits are enjoyed by the servants of the LORD; their vindication will come from me. I, the LORD, have spoken! Isaiah 54:17 New Living Translation

So you see God said all your children will be taught not just about the Lord but BY THE LORD Himself and great will be the peace of your children even to an unlimited level. Verse 17 goes on to say that no weapon formed against you will succeed. If someone attacks your child they are in essence attacking you. If someone tries to murder you they are trying to murder your children as well. How? By taking away their mother or father and bringing them into grief and pain and destruction and possibly causing the children to blame and turn away from God or never turn to Him by blaming Him for what happened to their parents. This happens more than you know and it is an ancient tactic of the devil. You and your family are connected. You may not even like them but that still does not change your connection. Do you know that God the Father may not like everything you do but He still loves you and you are still His son or daughter? If something happens to you it will affect God the Father Himself. How do I know this. Because of Jesus’s relationship with God the Father and therefore my relationship. You better believe God the Father was not happy when Jesus was beat and spit upon but He knew the good that it would work. Nothing happened to Jesus until it was time. Well maybe its my children’s time. NEVER. Jesus already bore that. Do not turn around and allow your children to bear sickness, disease, drug addiction, abuse or anything else Jesus bore. You are redeemed!!!! Exercise the power and authority over the devil. BELIEVE WHAT JESUS SAID!!!! TAKE WHAT HE HAS GIVEN YOU!!!

Look, I have given you the authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy; nothing will ever harm you. Luke 10:19 Holman Christian Standard Bible

So in the Name of Jesus whatever is going on in your child’s life declare, “I BREAK THE POWER OF THE devil in _______ life and command him to cease and desist with any plans or operations in the life of my child. I declare my child belongs to the Kingdom of God Almighty and great is the peace of my child!! Amen! That’s it! It’s a done deal. Do not vacillate, do not worry about what you see. Do not worry if it ‘looks like’ they keep doing drugs. Jesus’s Name is above every name and the victory is won and that situation is done. Cast the care of it on Jesus because you have already used your king/priest power. The devil knows who you are and more importantly Whose you are. You belong to JESUS and satan has to obey. Don’t let time pull you into the natural. God is not bound by time. He’s bound by His Word that you have spoken so REST!!!! Now understand, you do not have authority over a persons will and there is still a natural component to this. They have to desire to be free. If they do now you have the legal right to break the power of the devil in their lives. You have authority over demonic spirits but not human spirits. You may need to get the person help in the form of rehab or other things but deal with the root first which is always spiritual.

All the ‘blessed’ to you!!! Shalom!!!


… because by a single offering He has made perfect for all time those who are sanctified. Hebrews 10:14 Berean Study Bible

** If you missed yesterday’s post be sure to take a few moments and read it now**

Yesterday we talked about how believers and unbelievers alike are many times placed and voluntarily seated in the waiting booth  of qualifying for the blessings of God already paid for by Jesus Christ at the Cross.  The Cross is not a place of defeat!  It looked like a place of defeat to the natural eye and to the devil.  But it is the place of the most astounding and complete victory ever to take place for all eternity.  There, Jesus became obedient to death only for the purpose of a hidden agenda of defeating and wiping out sin and death ONCE and FOR ALL!!!  His life and obedience and death are the spiritual credit report that qualifies the world to be reconciled to God and partake of His divine nature and all that comes with it. Many times preachers will preach this qualifying sermon because they themselves are still under the law. They preach the ten commandments and other law based things when we are now under a entirely different dispensation.  Imagine someone going to you and saying, “What are you doing riding in a car.  You need to be riding a horse!!! We all started on horses and that’s where you need to be on a horse or  in a buggy.”  You would look at them like they were crazy and say, “You keep riding that horse. Let me know how it works out for you, especially in the winter time.”    There is something that ALL BELIEVERS need to know today and this is vital. WE ARE NOT UNDER THE LAW ANYMORE WE ARE UNDER GRACE!!! Once again, don’t take my word for it, take THE WORD for it.

Sin is no longer your master, for you no longer live under the requirements of the law. Instead, you live under the freedom of God’s grace. Romans 6:14 New Living Translation

Christ is the end of the Law, in order to bring righteousness to everyone who believes.  Romans 10:4  Berean Study Bible 

Do you know what END means?  The end means the end!  The end of  the movie is the end of the movie. There is nothing else to see.  There is nothing else of the law for believers to see or do.  CHRIST IS THE END OF THE LAW.  If you try to live  under the law or let someone tell you you have to live under the law they are putting you back in the booth.  If you don’t wake up you will be there until Jesus comes and will learn that you could have enjoyed all He had freely given at great cost to Him and The Father.  You cannot qualify or pay for something when you are spiritually and naturally bankrupt. Man was bankrupt, insolvent. They had no way or no means to save themselves  and this is why God the Father sent Jesus to reconcile the world back to Himself because ONLY HE COULD DO IT!!! Not your law keeping, not your good works, not your qualifying only HIS GRACE and GIFT of RIGHTEOUSNESS.

So …… if you are in the booth get out NOW!!!! If you are out of the booth STAY OUT and don’t let ANYONE drag you back in.  GRACE is the way of the Kingdom!! The Gospel of Grace is the true Gospel or Good News because GRACE is not a thing it is the Person of Jesus Christ!!!!

We will continue this tomorrow and if you missed yesterday go back and read it please.

All the blessed to you!!! Shalom!