And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; Colossians 3:23 KJV

Have you ever felt like, “I really don’t feel like working today or I really don’t feel like giving it my all today?”  Sure, we all have.  Let’s take sometime and look at something you may have not thought about and lets put it in bullet form to look at it more clearly.

  • Do you think that Jesus felt like being arrested for no reason?
  • Do you think that Jesus felt like being beaten until there was no skin at all left on His back?
  • Do you think Jesus felt like being spit on?
  • Do you think Jesus felt like having 2 to 3 inch thorns pressed and beaten with a stick into his skull?
  • Do you think Jesus felt like being pierced in the side and hung on the Cross?

And last but not least here is the BIG ONE. Many people do not realize that Jesus’s biggest issue was not the beatings and whippings and crown of thorns.  That may come as a surprise to some but Jesus had NEVER ever been or felt what it was like to be not connected to His Father for millions of years.  And now because of OUR sin He would be for a period of time. So….

  • Do you think Jesus felt like being separated from His Father?

What is my point?  The point is Jesus did not feel like doing any of these things but He was not run or making decisions based on his feelings or emotions.  He was controlled by LOVE and PURPOSE which is God the Father.  He was thinking about you and me.  So when you are at your job or whatever you do even at home as a wife or husband or a child, do your chores or assignment as if it was for Jesus. When you do He will strengthen you to do it heartily or from the heart.  And He will also reward you greater than a simple paycheck.

All the “blessed” to you! Shalom!!!



And now I commend you to God and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up and to give you the inheritance among all those who are sanctified. Acts 20:32 English Standard Version.

GRACE is the Person of Jesus. Grace is extremely important and it is important for you to know why it is important. When Paul was leaving the brethren at the church at Ephesus, he left them with the statement that you see in the above mentioned scripture. The word commend there can be replaced by the word commit. So Paul said, “I commit you to God and The Word of His Grace. He also pointed out two things that The Word of Grace can do.

  • Build you up.
  • Give you an inheritance among those who are sanctified.

The Law does just the opposite. It tears you down with guilt, sin and condemnation. It robs people of their inheritance because when people try to live by the law it brings them back under the curse. Romans 6:14 tells us that sin has no dominion over us because we are not under the law but under grace. Focus on God’s Grace which is and is in Christ Jesus. Don’t try to live by the law because The Word has already made a declaration about the law.

For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes. Romans 10:4 English Standard Version.

Christ is the end of the law to everyone who believes. Believe in the Grace of God and receive what He has for you.

Have a great weekend!!!

All the Blessed to you!!! Shalom!


…. because as He is, so are we in this world. I John 4:17 King James Version

If you are a believer you are a member of thee “Body of Christ”. It is truly amazing how you can look at natural things and gain an understanding of how spiritual thing are and they work. This is God the Father’s design. This is also why Jesus used parables. When you take a deeper look at natural things, going beyond the surface there are so many secrets and revelations that you can gain and that can give you understanding. The book of Proverbs tell us in all of our getting of things, food, money, a wife, children we are to get understanding. Take a look at your hand or foot or any part of your body right now. You are looking at that body part through the eyes that are in your head. Without the eyes in your head you would not be able to see that body part. Also without your head you would not be able to move your hands, fingers or feet without the brain that is in your head. I know that what I am saying seems very rudimentary however, sometimes by overlooking very simple things we can miss deeper things.

Christ is also the head of the church, which is His body. He is the beginning, supreme over all who rise from the dead. So He is first in everything.. Colossians 1:18 New Living Translation

We are the Body of Christ! Jesus is our Head. The reason why I brought up the examples of the human body to you above is so you can see and understand how The Body of Christ works.  Can you say, “I will smash my finger with a hammer and it will not affect my head?” Of course not. It will affect your head because your head will know and feel the pain. Pain is not good, it is bad. In the same respect if you decide, “I will go and get a manicure”, all the goodness from the manicure, the massaging of your hands, the removal of dead skin and all the other benefits are enjoyed by your entire body including your head. If you go and buy a very nice and comfortable pair of shoes your feet will greatly benefit but your entire head and body will benefit and relax and function easier because the feet are comfortable. Jesus is our Head. Jesus is completely perfect, completely healed, completely whole, completely prosperous and completely at peace. He is Shalom! Shalom means completeness, wholeness, health, peace, welfare, safety soundness, tranquility, prosperity, perfectness, fullness, rest, harmony, the absence of agitation or discord. Shalom comes from the root verb shalom meaning to be complete, perfect and full. So if all these things are in Jesus (and they are) and He is our head, then all these things are in and for us as benefits of being connected to Head (Jesus).

For in Him all the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form, and in Him you have been made complete, and He is the head over all rule and authority. Colossians 2:9 New American Standard Bible

Because we the Body of Christ are connected to the Head who is Jesus, we HAVE all His completeness, all of His fullness and all of His Shalom. As He is so ARE WE IN THIS WORLD!!! Do you see yourself as constantly and continually connected to Jesus? Do you know that EVERYTHING He has is yours? Do you believe that? You must know that you and Jesus are One and when you do your expectation and therefore your manifestation will be only good. Because of Jesus, you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Look at some of the things that Proverbs says about the righteous.

The desire of the righteous is only good: but the expectation of the wicked is wrath. Proverbs 11:23 King James Version

The fear of the wicked, it shall come upon him: but the desire of the righteous shall be granted. Proverbs 10:24 King James Version

Jesus is righteous. His desire is only good and His desire for you is ONLY GOOD. As you see by the scripture the desire of the righteous is granted. Jesus is righteous and His desire is granted and His desires for you are granted. This applies to you as well because Jesus has made you righteous. Therefore your desires are good and granted. Believe that you are One with Jesus. Believe that He is your Head and that all the goodness that is in the head (Jesus) flows to and through you The Body of Christ.

All the ‘blessed’ to you!!! Shalom!


Now may the Lord of shalom Himself give you (His) shalom always, in all ways. The Lord be with all of you. 2 Thessalonians 3:16 Complete Jewish Bible

One of my favorite words is the word SHALOM. It is a great word and it reminds me of God the Father because although it is one word, it means many things and they are all GOOD just like God the Father. According to Strong’s Concordance 7965 Shalom means completeness, wholeness, health, peace, welfare, safety soundness, tranquility, prosperity, perfectness, fullness, rest, harmony, the absence of agitation or discord. Shalom comes from the root verb shalom meaning to be complete, perfect and full. Now think about this? If you had to live life and all you had was Jesus and Shalom, do you think you could be content and happy and at total peace? I can. I mean look at the meaning….EVERYTHING is there.

This is how Jesus lived while here on the Earth. He lived in complete wholeness and complete health. You cannot find one scripture in the BIble where Jesus was sick one day (until He bore our diseases on the Cross). Jesus was never in lack. He lived in complete prosperity and abundance at all times. Jesus lived in freedom from agitation or discord. Even when people were trying to kill him, Jesus was just as calm and composed, staying in the Love of God as if he was walking through a flower garden. How did He do this? SHALOM. Shalom is a great and powerful blessing from Jesus that just like His Name is given to us. Look at what Jesus said.

“What I am leaving with you is shalom — I am giving you My shalom. I don’t give the way the world gives. Don’t let yourselves be upset or frightened.” John 14:27 Complete Jewish Bible

That word ‘leaving’ there means to send away. Jesus sent shalom away from Himself and then gave (which means to offer) His very own Shalom to us. He sent His Shalom away because He did not need it where He was going. In Heaven there is no sickness so you don’t need health. There is no lack or poverty there so you don’t need prosperity in Heaven. There is no danger in Heaven so there is no need for safety. However here on Earth, there is sickness, danger and lack that exist as a lie. But through Christ, Shalom exist as the truth for those who believe and receive His Shalom. So in our opening text Paul prayed a prayer that Jesus had already answered,….by leaving and giving us His Shalom. Paul also called Him Who He is, The Lord of Shalom. It’s not a lesser version or quality of Shalom than what Jesus had. It is the exact same Shalom that Jesus had. His very own personal Shalom. And it is yours for the taking. The word receive is the greek word lambano and it means to take.


All the ‘blessed’ to you!!! Shalom!


Being made so much better than the angels, as he hath by inheritance obtained a more excellent name than they.  Hebrews 1:4  King James Version

How did Jesus obtain His Name?  Have you ever thought about that?  According to the scripture above He inherited it.  This is something that you must take and chew on like a spiritual steak.  We talked about previously having communion with The Word, spending time and having intercourse with The Word, becoming One with Him.  If you are born again you are an heir of God and you are also a joint heir with Jesus Christ.  This is why Christianity is not a religion but a relationship.  Christianity is FAMILY that is even more close than your natural blood family.  God IS your Father.  Jesus IS your brother.  Take a look at how Jesus acknowledged this change after He was raised from the dead.

Then Jesus said to them, “Do not be afraid. Go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee; there they will see me.”  Matthew 28:10  New International Version

Before he died, Jesus always referred to them as His disciples.  But now after He has risen from the dead and the finished work is complete and He has reconciled all of us back to the Father He now calls them “my brothers.”  THAT’S FAMILY.  They are now just like Him.  Jesus prayed in John 17 that they would be ONE with Him even as He and The Father are ONE.  If anyone gets their prayer answered you better believe Jesus does (and so do you).

And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ;  Romans 8:17 King James Version

Since you are a joint heir with Christ everything Christ has and gets is yours.  If not, then you are not joint.  Joint means that you share equally in all things.  Everything that one heir gets the others get equally.  EVERYTHING means EVERYTHING.  Now in our opening text we see that Jesus inherited His Name.  His Name is part of His inheritance and if it is a part of His inheritance then guess who else inherits  THE NAME?  You do!!!  Jesus’s Name is part of your eternal inheritance.

That is why He is the one who mediates a new covenant between God and people, so that all who are called can receive the eternal inheritance God has promised them. For Christ died to set them free from the penalty of the sins they had committed under that first covenant.  Hebrews 9:15 New Living Translation

You have an ‘eternal inheritance’ that God the Father, Poppa has promised you.  Jesus’s Name has been given to you.

And there is no salvation in any other man, for there is no other name under Heaven given to the children of men by which it is necessary to receive life. Acts 4:12 Aramaic Bible in Plain English

The Name has been given to us as an inheritance just as it was given to Jesus by inheritance.  The Name of Jesus IS YOURS!!!  When you realize that THE NAME of Jesus is yours and all the power, all the glory, all the health, all the life, all the strength, all the wisdom, all the righteousness, all the holiness that comes with that Name BELONGS to you, you will begin to do the greater works effortlessly.  Why?  Because it’s not you.  It’s Jesus in you working thru His Name.  It is all because of the Lord Jesus that we HAVE all that we HAVE but the key is you HAVE to know that you HAVE IT!!!  If you don’t have the keys to your car you don’t have any confidence or any assurance that you can get in your car at that moment.  A rich man or rich woman’s  spouse has access to all the resources and wealth of their spouse by law.  This is a legal transaction. Taking the name of their spouse gives them legal access to those resources because they are considered the same, one.  Look at what Peter said here in Acts 3:6 when he was talking to the man at the gate called beautiful who was lame.

Then Peter said, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.”  Acts 3:6 New International Version

Did you notice what Peter said?  He said, “but what I do HAVE I give to you.”  Then Peter immediately gives the man THE NAME.  What is key here is that Peter knew HE HAD THE NAME.  That word ‘have’ there is the greek word echo.  Echo means I have, hold or possess.  Peter knew he had THE NAME of Jesus and all the power and ability of it.  In addition to that he later took no credit for it and then explained that it was not him but THE NAME that strengthened, raised up and gave that once lame man perfect health.  So the man just did not get his legs healed, if there was anything else going on in his body that was fixed as well because it says the man was given perfect health.  Other translations say complete soundness which is derived from the Word shalom.

“And on the basis of faith in His name, it is the name of Jesus which has strengthened this man whom you see and know; and the faith which comes through Him has given him this perfect health in the presence of you all. Acts 3:16 New American Standard Bible And upon the ground of our faith in His Name, this man whom you are attentively gazing at with a critical, discerning eye and whom you positively identify as the person you know- His Name made him strong, and the faith which is exercised through Him gave to him this entire soundness in the sight of all of you. Acts 3:16 Kenneth Wuest Translation 

So know that THE NAME is yours!!! It is yours by inheritance just as Jesus inherited it.  Use it like its yours, like it belongs to you because IT DOES!!!!

All the ‘blessed’ to you!!! Shalom!


If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us [our] sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I John 1:9  Darby Translation

Once again here we are talking about the grand topic of RIGHTEOUSNESS.  It is grand indeed as the Lord Jesus told us to seek it first and then everything else would be added to us. This passage of scripture is a blessing.  It is also a means of controversy because of the first part.  Some people say you have to confess every single sin you ever commit.  Some people say no when you confess that you are a sinner and receive Jesus that is all that is necessary.  I am not going to get into a debate about that today because that is not our focus.  I will share with you what the scripture says ensures your salvation.

If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.  Romans 10:9 New Living Translation

The same Holy Ghost who had John write I John is the same Holy Ghost that spoke to Paul in Romans.  Yet no mention of confessing of sins is in this verse in Romans 10:9.  Interesting indeed.  By acknowledging Jesus as Lord and that God raised Him from the dead something obviously is done in that transaction. But I want you to focus on  the truth that when you confess Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, this is an acknowledgement of what Jesus did and that you needed a Lord and you are also acknowledging the reason Jesus died and was resurrected.  Jesus died for our sins.  This acceptance of Jesus as resurrected Lord is a confession and as a result, He is faithful and righteous to cleanse you from ALL unrighteousness or you can say He is faithful and righteous to make you righteous just like Him.  Did Jesus ever confess to being a sinner?  No.  But yet He took all of our sins which by that ‘act‘ placed Him with us as a sinner and God treated Him as such on the cross because He took our sins by faith just as if He had committed them all.

And he took all of our sins and lifted them in His body to the cross, for as we are dead to sin, we shall live in His righteousness, for by His scars you have been healed. 1 Peter 2:24  Aramaic Bible in Plain English

Jesus took our punishment for sin which is rebellion against the will of God the Father and gave us His righteousness which is simply submission to the will of God.  Sin simply means missing the mark.  Righteousness is what is right from God’s viewpoint.  Sickness is sin.  Health IS His righteousness.  Poverty is sin.  Abundance is His righteousness.  Why? Because that is what God and Jesus have.  God and Jesus are not broke or in lack.  They live in opulent abundance.  Some Christians believe that it is holy or righteous to be broke. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Poverty is sin.  Not having enough is sin therefore it is unrighteousness. The Father sent Jesus so He could give us back everything Adam lost and more. God has and is righteous and that righteousness now BELONGS to us because of Jesus.  Anything contrary to what God has or is is unrighteousness.  What does The Word say about unrighteousness.

Neither yield your members as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin: but yield yourselves unto God, as those that are alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness unto God.  Romans 6:13 KJV

The Word yield means to allow, to give place.  If you are born again, you are dead to sin and alive to Christ and His Righteousness.  Romans 6:14 says, “Sin shall not which means, it does not have dominion or rulership or authority over you.”  Why?  Because you are not under the law but under grace, God’s unmerited, undeserved favor given to us in and through Christ Jesus.  We are free from sin. Through Him everyone who believes is set free from every sin, a justification you were not able to obtain under the law of Moses.  Acts 13:39  NIV

Do you see it?  Sickness is sin.  Health is righteousness or right.  Poverty and lack is sin.  Abundance and being RICH IS RIGHTEOUSNESS.   You don’t have to seek to be rich, rich comes with the righteousness.  You don’t have to seek health,  health comes with the righteousness.  This is why Jesus told us to seek first  the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness.  Jesus’s Blood has cleansed you and me and everyone who accepts Him from ALL  unrighteousness. If you believe that then since you are cleansed the only thing left is RIGHTEOUSNESS!!!  You simply have to know it and believe it and receive it and it is yours and IT WILL BE MADE MANIFEST.  But it’s not there just when you see it.  It’s there and yours RIGHT NOW!!!!  TAKE IT!!!

All the ‘blessed’ to you!!! Shalom!


He Himself bore our sins in His body on the tree, so that, having died to sins, we might live for righteousness; you have been healed by His wounds. Peter 2:24 Holman Christian Standard Bible

I want to encourage you to take sometime  and think about this truth. Do you realize that every sin you ever committed and every punishment for those sins including every sickness and disease and all lack, that Jesus already bore those things for you at the cross? This is why the scripture says above that we having died to sins should live to righteousness. It goes even further to say that the punishment, those inflicted wounds on Jesus paid the price for your complete and total healing and health for all time. Many believers believe that when they die and go to Heaven, once they are there they will then experience no more sickness, no more pain, no more sorrow at that time and in that place. And they are right.

What they don’t realize is that the very same Jesus Who has secured the means for them to be sickness free and pain free and lack free in Heaven never said or expected them to wait to get to Heaven to receive or experience that eternal inheritance that His death provided for them. Jesus said in one of His prayers, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” How ever things are in Heaven that’s how they are supposed to be on the Earth as it relates to the believer. That is our inheritance and that is the Kingdom Jesus told us to seek first in Matthew 6:33 and Luke 12:31. You get an inheritance when a person dies and Jesus has already died and is raised. All that Jesus died to provide for you is yours RIGHT NOW!!! You receive it like you do everything else from Him, by faith. “Well nobody can expect to live like that on Earth!” Jesus did! Never sick one day of His life until He took our sin and sickness. And His Word declares that, “As He is, so are we in this world.”

But he was wounded because of our crimes,
crushed because of our sins;
the disciplining that makes us whole fell on him,
and by his bruises* we are healed. Isaiah 53:5 Complete Jewish Bible

Take notice, “the disciplining that makes us whole fell on Him”. What it took to provide Your wholeness, your shalom, your completeness, your never being sick again, fell on Him. He already bore it. If your spouse got out of the car and went and filled the car up with gas and paid for it, would you then turn around and head in to the clerks window to pay for the same gas twice? Of course not! There is something called the law of Double Jeopardy. It is a second prosecution for the same offense after acquittal or conviction or multiple punishments for same offense. This same law applies to the spirit world. As a matter of truth it came out of the spirit world. Jesus has already been tried, convicted and punished for every single one of your sins and crimes past, present and future. Some people find that hard to believe but if you really think about it, unless you are over 2000 years old, all your sins were future sins. He was punished with sickness, with disease, with lack, with The Father forsaking Him so that we would never be punished with any of those things ever again. The Father will never forsake us. Now if you allow it then the devil is just like any criminal. He does not care whether something is illegal or legal he will violate the law if he is allowed to do it. So are you going to say, “Come on in devil, break in my house (my body, or your families body)” or are you going to get your spiritual twelve gauge and not just load the shell in the chamber but  pull the trigger and blow his butt right back to hell where he and everything attached to him belongs?

So what are you taking or allowing that Jesus already bore? Take some inventory and then do some spring cleaning. Remember this confession and truth:

“I cannot be punished for any of the things Jesus was punished for and I cannot be punished with any of the things Jesus was punished with!!!”

Remember you are not fighting for victory you are fighting from a place of victory already given to you by Jesus Christ. And that is what makes you more than a conqueror!!!! Amen!

All the “blessed” to you!!! Shalom!


He restoreth my soul: He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.  Psalm 23:3 KJV

As I was studying one day I noticed something about this scripture that I have read many times, that I had never noticed before.  There is a semi colon between soul and he leadeth me.  I realized that the way He restores my soul is by leading me in paths of righteousness. Righteousness in defined as the Greek word diakosune and it means the state of him who is as he ought to be from God’s perspective.  You ought to be healed, you ought to be whole, you ought to be abundantly supplied with no lack.  This is how Poppa has declared you are. This is the state you are in. Now we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.  We have been placed into right standing with The Father because of what Jesus did.  Your soul will never be right or function right if you do not understand righteousness.  As a matter of truth The Word says, that anyone who is not skillful in the word of righteousness is still a babe.  The first thing you must understand is that if you are a born again believer, you are now and forever in right standing with God the Father.

Please understand something SO YOU CAN REST.  NOTHING you do or don’t do can change your righteous status.  Why?  Because you did not do anything to obtain or get it.  It was given to you when you accepted Jesus as a GIFT.

For if by one man’s offence death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by One, Jesus Christ. Romans 5:17 KJV

If someone gives you a gift and it is truly a gift there is nothing done for it.  The only thing there is to do is to receive it.  Another translation makes it even clearer as it says those who receive the gratuity of righteousness.  You have to pay your bill at the restaurant but the gratuity is solely at your discretion.  It’s based on the heart of the giver.  Now Jesus said something that is important and keep in mind we are still talking about having your soul restored.  Let’s look at what Jesus said first so we can understand what I am about to explain.

I’m leaving you at peace (Shalom). I’m giving you My own (Shalom) peace. I’m not giving it to you as the world gives. So don’t let your hearts be troubled, and don’t be afraid.  John 14:27 International Standard Version

Jesus said He does not give the way the world gives.  How does the world give?  They will give and take it back when you make them mad, or do something they don’t like or won’t do something they want you to.  The Father is not like that.  He already said that His GIFTS and His CALLING are without repentance.  That means He is not going to change His mind about your righteous status.   But what if I act up or sin?  We all do that and that is not a license to sin the fact is you are going to miss it.  If you were perfect you would not have needed Jesus or mercy or grace.  YOU ARE COVERED.  Once you renew your mind to this you will walk in a greater level of confidence knowing The Father loves you no matter what.  Why? Because God has gone soft on sin?  NO!!!  Because He poured all the punishment for every sin you ever have and will commit out on Jesus.  You receive the abundance of GRACE and stop letting people or even preachers who do not understand GRACE and the GIFT of righteousness talk you out of the SHALOM that Jesus gave you.  When you know He is not going to take it back you walk on in confidence and your mistakes become fewer and fewer and further and further between each other.  Then you become GRACE-conscious instead of sin-conscious. Then you will REIGN in LIFE!!!  That’s when He can restore your soul as you allow Him to lead you in the paths of HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS not yours.

All the ‘blessed’ to you!!! Shalom!


Most assuredly, I am saying to you, if anyone keeps My Word, death he will never , positively look at with interest and attention.  John 8:51 Kenneth Wuest Translation

The thief doth not come, except that he may steal, and kill, and destroy; I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly.  John 10:10 Young’s Literal Translation

The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.   Romans 8:6 NIV

We are LEARNING HOW TO LIVE!  Yes we are and a huge part of LEARNING HOW TO LIVE has to do with your mind.  If you are a believer you should know that just like God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit you are also a tri- or three part being.  You ARE a SPIRIT, you HAVE a SOUL and you LIVE in a PHYSICAL material BODY.  Here is a good example.  As a person you live somewhere in something. It may be a house or an apartment.  Although you live in a house or apartment, the house or apartment IS NOT YOU.  You simply live in them. This is a great way to understand your SPIRIT and your BODY.  Your body is your house that your spirit lives in.  Your house or apartment you live in does not tell you when to clean it or when you will maintenance it. You make those decisions as you feel they are needed.  I want you to pay close attention to something that The Lord says in the Word.

For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s. I Corinthians 6:20 KJV

If you are a believer God the Father bought and paid for you and your life and as a result He is responsible for your protection, provision, safety, security and many other things.  But that is not our topic and you can study out what I said later on.  The next part of the verse tells us to glorify God in your BODY and in your SPIRT, which ARE GOD’S.  Hmmm, why did God leave out your soul or mind?  Because he’s left that up to you what you are going to do with it.  God is not like the devil. The devil possesses unbelievers souls and minds and MAKES them do things in most cases they normally would not.  When this happens they never get to LEARN HOW TO LIVE because the devil is only obsessed with stealing, killing and destroying.  God even though He is God and He is the One who made you gives you free will and free choice to make your own decisions.  This liberty is a part of Who God is and He will not defile that liberty for anyone including Himself.  God the Father desires you to yield your life to Him because you choose to.   He will ‘woo’ you for lack of a better word but never violate your free choice. This is why He’s left your soul in your complete control.

Because of what Adam did back in the garden and the entrance of sin and death and lack and poverty and disease, we now have had knowledge of the tree of good and evil just like Adam.  We know when we enjoy something good and we know when an unenjoyable things happen as well that which we can call evil.  God purposed and has provided in and through JESUS CHRIST for us to be restored to the LIFE we had and fellowship we had with Him before Adam ever sinned and beyond that.  Through Jesus He has provided for us not to just have LIFE but ETERNAL LIFE.  You need to know what eternal life is and all of its ingredients so that if you are missing out on some of the ingredients or the whole basket of eternal life itself you can make the corrections needed to change this.

Eternal life is:  the unique quality (reality) of God’s life at work in the believer, i.e. as the Lord manifests His self-existent life (as it is in His sinless abode of heaven). “Eternal  the word eternal is the Greek word (aiṓnios) life operates simultaneously outside of time, inside of time, and beyond time – i.e. what gives time its everlasting meaning for the believer through faith, yet is also time-independent.

Pay close attention to the definition here in Strongs dictionary

Eternal life (aiṓnios) does not focus on the future per se, but rather on the quality of the age it relates to. Thus believers live in “eternal life” right now, experiencing this quality of God’s life now as a present possession. (Note the Greek present tense of having eternal life in Jn 3:36, 5:24, 6:47; cf. Ro 6:23.)

You have to take sometime to understand THE POWER, PEACE and FAVOR of what has just been explained to you.

Eternal life is having the same quality of Life as God the Father Himself does in His sinless abode.  To live according to Heavens standards, not what your job, family name and credit score say you can have but like Philipians 4:19, according to His riches in glory.  In order to live like this you MUST do it by faith and what is in the spiritual realm will manifest in the natural realm.  You have to believe that old things, like death and lack and sickness and disease are no longer a reality or option for you, they are for the world but not for you.

So that, assuming that anyone is in Christ, he is a creation new in quality. The [old} antiquated, out-of-date things [which do not belong to the new life in Christ Jesus] have passed away. Behold, all things have become new in quality.  2 Corinthians 5:17 Kenneth Wuest Translation

You have to believe that old things, antiquated things which do not belong to the new creation and new life in Christ HAVE PASSED AWAY.  Not because you physically see they are gone but because God’s Word Who is Jesus says so.  You must take that and that alone  and believe it and stand on it. Most important know that YOU HAVE as your present possession the same quality of Life as God Himself and REST in that.

And this is the testimony, that life eternal God gave us. And this life is in His Son. The one who has the Son has the life. The one who does not have the Son of God the life he does not have. These things I write to you in order that you may know with an absolute knowledge that life you are having, eternal life, to you who believe on the Name of the Son of God.  1 John 5:11-13 Kenneth Wuest Translation

Just like John I have written these things so that you can LEARN HOW TO LIVE and KNOW with an absolute knowledge that YOU HAVE eternal Life.  I encourage you to go back and re-read this series as it is a vital life component and a great way to renew your mind to God’s will for you: LIFE!!!

All the blessed to you! Shalom!!!



Most assuredly, I am saying to you, if anyone keeps My Word, death he will never , positively look at with interest and attention.  John 8:51 Kenneth Wuest Translation

The thief doth not come, except that he may steal, and kill, and destroy; I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly.  John 10:10 Young’s Literal Translation

JESUS came that we may have life and not a little bit of life. Life in superabundance.  Do you know what that means?  It means that you have so much life in you thru Jesus Christ in you, that you have not only more then enough life to keep you happy, healthy, wealthy, strong all of your life but you also have Life to give away to others to heal them, replace body parts and even raise the dead.  Jesus has told us to do this and this is what we should be doing.  Once again don’t take my word for it, take The Word for it.

Jesus called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority to drive out impure spirits and to heal every disease and sickness. Matthew 10:1 NIV

As you go, proclaim this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’ 8Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy,a drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give. Matthew 10:7-8 NIV

The same power Jesus gave the disciples He has given to you by way of the Holy Spirit.  You have the Holy Spirit IN you.  They did not at that time. YOU DO!!!

So let’s dig deeper into understanding what it means to LEARN HOW TO LIVE.   To do that we must understand Who and What LIFE is and what it does.

Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me. John 14:6  New Living Translation

What does Jesus being THE WAY have to do with LIFE?

In the way of righteousness is life; and in the pathway thereof there is no death. Proverbs 12:28 KJV

That is pretty clear.  In the way of righteousness is LIFE.  We are the righteousness of God IN Christ Jesus. We don’t have any righteousness of our own. NONE.  If you think you do I am going to tell you that that is the reason problems may be existing in your life.  Self righteousness will mess you and your family up and allow the curse of the law to function rampantly in your life even though Jesus has redeemed you from it.   I am going to be even more frank.  If you think you’re blessed because you don’t do this or you do do that and that’s why you are blessed you are in for a rude awakening.  That is self righteousness and God’s Word has a pretty gross description of how God sees and views self righteousness.

…..and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags….Isaiah 64:6 NIV

To make it more clear to you that filthy rag there is not a dirty rag you used to mop the floor or clean your car.  If you look it up that rag is a used women’s sanitary napkin and the face you have right now and how your nose is turned up right now in disgust is the about the same way God the Father feels about self righteousness.  Nuff said.

The Way of Jesus which is His righteousness has LIFE in it all by itself.

Now let’s talk about The Truth.  The truth has the same effect on us as it sanctifies us from all evil, separating us from evil and shielding us.

….his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.  Psalms 91:4 KJV

The word shield there means a large shield that covers the whole body. The word buckler there means something that surrounds and protects a person like a forcefield.  Protection is  ingredient of LIFE. The truth is powerful and it is eternal.  We talked previously about how a person uses their mouth or tongue to bring life or death. When a believer speaks The Truth of God’s word it has an eternal effect on themselves, on other people who submit to it and on things.  Look at this scripture from Proverbs.

Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue lasts only a moment. Proverbs 12:19 NIV

Look at another version here.

The word of truth lasts forever, but lies last only a moment. Proverbs 12:19 God’s Word Translation

The truth has an eternal effect on people and on things.   This is so great because God has great things to say about our LIFE and the eternal effect His Word and speaking the truth has on our lives.

We will pick this up tomorrow so be sure to join us so you can learn about The Truth that you HAVE eternal life right now!!! Not when you get to Heaven.  I PROMISE you, it;s gonna be good!!!

All the blessed to you! Shalom!!!