But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil. Hebrews 5:14 NIV

Let me ask you a question.  Have you ever not eaten a meal at the time you should have eaten?  Of course you have.  We all have. Perhaps you had something to do and time did not allow or you needed to finish an assignment.  Now think about this have you ever felt ‘guilty or bad’ for not eating. In most cases I would say no. I know for me I have never felt guilty for not eating and to be honest all I felt was HUNGRY!!!  The Word of God is our food but in many cases when people don’t read when they or other people think they should or don’t read as long as they think or other people think they should they feel guilty.  This is law based thinking not grace based thinking.  The law demands but grace supplies. The Father does not want you to have the attitude, “Oh I HAVE to go spend time in The Word.” No your attitude should be just like eating in the natural you should know that you need to spend time in The Word because spending time in The Word is spending time with God and with Jesus.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1 NIV

Now I do not believe that any believer would outwardly say, “Oh boy, now I gotta go and spend some time with Jesus, aww man let me get this over with.”  That would be rude, especially if He is your Saviour and you love Him.  No the attitude now becomes, “I get to go spend time with Jesus and I am pumped!!!!  I am going to get some good things from Him today!!!”  This is the attitude of joy that gives strength, wisdom, understanding and expectation to your Word time.  Your whole attitude will change if you take your Bible and look at it and then make the decision  that that book is NOT SOMETHING but that it is SOMEBODY!!!  It is Jesus and it is more real than when the disciples walked with Him in the flesh because you receive Him as He is by faith.  When you operate this way there is an automatic blessing involved because Jesus said…..

…Blessed are those who believe without seeing me. John 20:29 New Living Translation

So when you have not partaken of The Word, you should feel hungry not guilty. As a matter of truth, just like you can get grumpy or short patient when you have not eaten in the natural, the same thing can happen with your spiritual food.  I have even noticed that many time I think I am hungry naturally but really I was simply hungry spiritually.  A nice set down with The Word and I am satiated and the feeling of hunger has passed naturally and spiritually.  Don’t let law based thinking or so law based preacher get you into self condemnation or guilt because you are redeemed from both of those things.  Jesus said His Body is meat indeed and His Blood is drink indeed so partake of communion and fellowship in The Word often.  This will keep you strong and spiritually healthy and in fellowship with Jesus Himself.

All the ‘blessed’ to you!!! Shalom!


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