Do you realize you can change your life right now? Not for the better, but for THE BEST!!! If I did not have this friend already, I would trade in all my friends if I had to for this one friend: JESUS!!! When you do He becomes more than a friend. Friend please understand, I know it’s been called that but Christianity is not a religion, IT’S A RELATIONSHIP!!! A relationship with a Person that can help you out and in ANY area of your life. R U READY TO ACCEPT The Truth? Just say this:

Jesus I receive you as my Lord! I accept your complete and total finished work in my life and for my life. I am blessed forever. God you are now my Father, my Daddy!!! I am never alone and always cared for Amen!!

Thats it! It’s DONE!!! BELIEVE IT and you WILL SEE IT!!! Please contact us and let us know what has happened and is happening in your life.

All the ‘Blessings of God’ ARE NOW YOURS!!!


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